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History Books For High School Students

Kay Said:

University history major students! Help!?

We Answered:

Right, welcome to university. What we are testing is not your memory but your judgement. Can you discern what is important and what is not? Some of this you can as you say pick up from the lectures. Frequently a real tip off is when the professor reminds you that s/he talked about something in a past lecture or says s/he will talk about this again in a future lecture. Also, in your textbook, see what the authors emphasize. What is important enough that it is the title of a chapter section? What gets multiple pages listed in the index? What or who is highlighted in some way in the text, e.g. a biography set off in a box. Also, pay real, real close attention in the last class of the term when the professor sums things up or otherwise does exam prep. Often we are giving away exam questions when we do that. Finally, don't hesitate to go see your professor and ask for advice about studying. What works especially well is if you go in having already done some studying. Tell the professor what you have done, what topics you have covered, what strategies you are using and ask if that sounds okay. Likely the professor will do everything s/he can short of actually telling you the questions.
The textbook's website, unless the professor says otherwise, is likely not of any help. Only the laziest of professors use the packaged quizzes and most of us resent them.

Max Said:

A Question for high school History teachers?

We Answered:

I used to use a variety of text books, but never replied on them as a sole source of information. I actually taught in my classes, instead of just handing out text books and worksheets and showing videos.

I did get a copy of Loewen's book in one of a college classes and have kept it to this day. I used a variety of resources for my classes, including that book.

Then again, I am an actual historian, not just coach filling in a teaching job.

Jane Said:

Was it right to arrest high school students for reading George Orwell's "1984"?

We Answered:

I hope they were trying to wake up the students to what is going on in our country.


The central banking cartel which controls our currency, the Federal Reserve, is creating the inflation that is devaluing our currency and is causing poverty in this nation.

Most Americans cannot read a parking ticket so this discussion may only be understood by a few.

We loan our real property to the central bank who
then creates interest bearing notes based upon that value.

BUT, the notes needed to pay the interest do not exist.

And, as only the central bank can "monetize" a thing, they get to then dump into the economy, their notes that they print up to cover the interest due.

It is theft on such a scale as most Americans cannot comprehend.

Crime creates poverty.

The central banking Federal Reserve is the greatest theft ring ever created.

The central bank become wealthy by loaning back to us, our own wealth and CHARGING AN INTEREST.

This is why you are poor.

Note: The Federal Reserve Bank is no more federal than Federal Express.

Barbara Said:

For college students only!! Do you have to read aloud in college courses like you have to in high school?

We Answered:

Hi, My name is Jessica too and I also feared reading aloud in college (something I always hated in High School and if you ask me, I think that is elementary stuff)!

Anyways, while I was a senior in High School, I took a Speech class at a small community college (I wouldn't of taken it, but it is a requirement to get your AA degree at that college). That is the only class that speeches are given in.

Also, I just finish my first semester of college and I had an English class. We did read aloud every now and then, but not our essays. We read from the book and I hated it. It's not that I can't read, it's just that I get shaky and my voice cracks. I thought that was the most stupid thing ever because I didn't feel like a freshman in college, I felt like a 3rd grader! I figure the only reason we read aloud was because we are a VERY small community college and it was a very small class. So I guess it depends on if you go to a big or small school. Good Luck!

Lori Said:

I want to be a High School History Teacher. I need help, how do I get there?

We Answered:

Go to the state website for State Board of Education. You'll see the requirements. You have to start with a Bachelors degree. You might be required to do some student teaching, but there are ways around that if you ask. Then you can apply for your teaching certificate. You have to pass an exam to get it. Get some study skills. Remember studying is a means to an end. Keep your goal in mind.
Online schools have to be accredited. Some are not. Ask the SBOE which schools have the requirements you need. Best of luck. Sometimes the troubled kids make the best teachers.

Margaret Said:

Please help my American history class?

We Answered:

History, USA.…………

USA: Depression & the New Deal…

U.S. History & Government…

History Subcategories…

Good luck.

Kevin, Liverpool, England.

Leroy Said:

Any suggestions on any American history related books for a young adult?

We Answered:

The novel Property by Valerie Martin might work for you. It's a fictional first-person account set in 1828 about a woman whose husband owns a Louisiana sugar plantation and has fathered two children by one of their slaves. The narrative sheds so much light on how slavery warps the mind of the slave-owner; I could not put this book down once I started it.

It's relatively short (under 200 pages) and reads quickly, although it is not a "quick read," if you know what I mean.

Best of luck with your paper!

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