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History Websites For High School Students

Elsie Said:

Any good ideas for articles to go in a school newspaper?

We Answered:

-Nostradamus is an interesting topic...
-Celebrity birthdays
-"Today in history" blurb about significant past events
-Guess the teacher, great if you can get baby pictures or old yearbook pics
-Resume writing and job hunting tips/interview tips
-Money management (humorous and informational take)
-Spotlight on different cool volunteer jobs around the city
-Health issues like safe sex, smoking, drugs, etc-
-Sex issue at Valentine's Day with relationships, sexuality, safe sex, STI's, etc--Controversial especially if you live in a conservative city, but GUARANTEED to get people's interest!
-Eating disorders (would be awesome if you can find someone who had one who would be willing to tell her story)
-Personal advice column with common teen issues
-Fashion column where you profile a different student every issue, showcasing clothes, jewellery, etc--Great to raise appreciation of all the styles out there!

Kelly Said:

Censorship in my school?

We Answered:

Legally, as a student at a public high school, you do not have the rights that you are claiming. You are a citizen of the US and have some civil rights, but you do not get the full range of civil rights until you reach your majority.

The GOVERNMENT is not blocking what can be searched at your school, the local school board, principal is doing that.

You have no unlimited right to look at anything you desire, you are restricted from going to x rated movies, you are restricted from going to bars, you are restricted from being out after a certain time, you are restricted from purchasing legal goods(tobacco, alcohol, pornography, etc).

If you want to "do research", then open up a book in the library, it is much more reliable than the vast majority of internet sites.

Finally, your "poll" is irrelevant. I could go to the local high school and ask 100 boys if porn should be allowed to be searched at the high school library and they would all say "Yes", the results of a poll have no impact on your supposed rights. Only the results of an election can impact your rights.


Brandon Said:

what history websites to teens visit for research?

We Answered:

I'm 14, and the trend is in our school.... the first link that comes up on google! Most of the time it will be wikipdia, though it varies lots depending on what you specifically google about history

Why you ask?

Alma Said:

What are some good history websites?

We Answered:

~Has alot of credible information

History Channel's Official Website-
~I go here ALL the time for information and am never disappointed

PBS' Official Website's history page-
~PBS has wonderful documentaries

If your looking for a history of a certain historical location, just look them up. Most likely any historical attraction will have an official website, for example...

Mount Vernon-

Mount Rushmore-

Colonial Williamsburg-

Believe it or not, If you go on youtube and look up historical events, you can find some really informative stuff on there! One time for a project I had to write a paper on George Washington. I looked up videos on youtube on him and found a 45 minute one from National Geographic. Just as long as you ignore stupid videos, youtube can be really resourceful.

Hope this helps! Good luck on teaching!

Elaine Said:

How to impress principal?

We Answered:

go into his office with your cock hangin out and ask him hows hes doing.

Ron Said:

A question for MIT Students(or anyone with knowledge of the school)?

We Answered:

Your chances are very low; maybe 5% if you're lucky. Your GPA is too low and no top school is going to care about family issues. No one gets through high school or college without issues, and they don't want to think you'll do poorly in college because you can't handle them. They're looking for kids who do very well in spite of them. And your activities are simply too common; nothing is making you stand out.

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The mindset of High School Students are different and they only focus on what they like to do. As a teacher, it's your responsibility to guide them on what's good and what bad for them.