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Hollywood Arts High School

Miguel Said:

Why would someone tell me out of the blue in they're answer they're attending Hollywood Arts High School.?

We Answered:

because they have a big head perhaps

Albert Said:

do you guys know any good high school for dancing but in california?

We Answered:

I'd stick out of Hollywood if I were you. Look anywhere around the outskirts of Hollywood and L.A. Too many schools there that swallow good dancers and end up not helping them at all. Sorry that's the best i can do for you.

Vera Said:

Is there a Real "Hollywood Art's High" school?

We Answered:

There is one, but the name of the school is Hollywood Art Center School. Hope this helped!!

Lance Said:

GO to school or hollywood?

We Answered:

Okay honey, listen. I was on the reality show Kid Nation and I've been trying so hard to get into acting and I live in chicago. If you are seriously going to work for it, then you should get homeschooled because you're not going to have time to go to school and act and right now your at a perfect age to start. After high school it could be too late. I take a few classes every week and I've been training for 4 years. You should move to california to get the best results becuase that's where all the auditions are. While there, don't get discouraged because you may only have one or two auditions a month if you're there with a blank resume (or just a few things on it, but in California, that usually doesn't count for much.) If you want to start and build up your resume, go to craigslist and under gigs, go to talent and try to find short independent films that you would be fit for and start with those. But first you will have to get your headshots done which cost anywhere from 300-700 and don't be fooled by "acting schools" like John Robert Powers and Barbizon and John Casablancas which I have already attended and are a big waste of your parent's money. If you want to talk reality and how it really is in the acting industry, email me at Trust me, this is not going to be easy for you or your parents...

Roger Said:

what high school should i go to?

We Answered:

hollywood hs-
The Hollywood Performing Arts Center enables its students to study the arts and to realize the value of the role that the arts play in the human experience. Students acquire and extend their knowledge, develop their potential for lifelong amateur or professional endeavors in the arts. Students recognize the arts as an essential part of the curriculum and as an important component in the enrichment of their lives.

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