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How Many High School Students Drop Out Every Year

Darlene Said:

What do you think about my personal statement for UCs?

We Answered:

Very good, the only thing I kept thinking as I read though was: Why American and Salvadorian high school students? I kept wondering when El Salvador was going to come in. So my advice would be introduce your statement about FMLN earlier in the paragraph so I can concentrate on what you are saying.

Oscar Said:

May I have everyone's attention, I have some college admissions advice to offer you guys?

We Answered:

I think you give very sound and articulate advice. Congrats on getting accepted by not one, but *four* Ivy League Schools! You didn't mention which one you're going for (just curious). Your points about community service are spot on. Indeed, many students wonder (and complain) why they have to fulfill community service requirements for high school graduation. I've answered that I think helping others and receiving credit for it should be incentive enough. My goal is helping students engage in "global project based learning" (I've put a couple links in sources). Whether they're sending textbooks to a village in Uganda or just about anything else, *everyone benefits*. If students can truly think a little selflessly and actively participate in helping others (whether by themselves or in a group), then they will reap not only psychic rewards, but as you point out, a real WOW factor on their application.

Your points about taking AP are also very important. AP classes top out at 5 on GPA scales so even an A- in an AP class will get you something like a 4.5 for that class. A minor difference I have is that students as young as *freshmen* may now take AP classes. My eldest son is a sophomore and he took AP Geography last year and is taking AP American History this year. Frankly I was a bit concerned about that sort of rigor in 9th grade but it's what he wants to do. You don't have to go "high end classes" all four years but as the original author states, you definitely want to show a strong pattern of academics. My son is also editor of the school paper and on the city's Arts Commission. OK... enough of my bragging!

I think the one question everyone needs to ask is "why and where do i want to go to *any* college?" All the Ivy League colleges have tremendous reputations and stellar departments. I don't know one from the other in terms of where I'd want to study Philosophy or Chemical Engineering. I went to Cal Berkeley and was admitted when I was in high school through the Accelerated High School Student Program. I'm not sure if any of the Ivy League schools have ways for high school students to take classes concurrently; my guess and hope is that there should be at least online classes for high school students to take. Indeed, MIT is open source with its courseware; if you're interested in MIT you could/should look at and take a number of MIT classes during your junior/senior year.

I think it's great you'll start a blog about this, please let me know when you get it started and where it is.

Rosemary Said:

Depression. High school. Please please help?

We Answered:

come on dont pay any attention to any body at school u should focus on your self and your work

Lester Said:

Should I drop out of high school?

We Answered:

I say go for it! Read this book: The Teenage Liberation Handbook: How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education
by Grace Llewellyn. It has changed many lives. People get so brainwashed into thinking there is only one path to success and they waste precious years doing things other people tell them to. Find your passion and start your real life now.

Hilda Said:

Can't Stand School Anymore, Help?

We Answered:

Life isn't always fair. You have to find something you like and focus your energy on that and understand that while going to school is a drag, it is necessary to do the best you can. Unfortunately, we live in a society that puts way too much importance on formal education rather than life experiences.

You can get lucky and make a career for yourself without a formal education but in the USA today it is a really long shot.

Good Luck.

Georgia Said:

America: How come foreigners come to this country to get educated despite cost, while americans drop out of it?

We Answered:

Too Many are lazy and not caring over here. Too stuck on TV and computer games that they do not see a reason to grow up anymore. Oven in Europe children are not so blinded and want to get all the education they can.

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