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How Many Students Drop Out Of High School Each Year

Michael Said:

How is my story so far? Any tips/advice?

We Answered:

It is a little confusing and hard to follow. A bit informal, too, and you need to make the point of view more clear and the introductions more attention grabbing and clear.

It is a great story, but it hints at some fantastic four ideas. Some people might think you stole the idea.

It's a great piece, in general, with some style mistakes and a lot of editing to be done. But you're well on your way!

Good luck@!

Cody Said:

Rate my story preview please?

We Answered:

I'm not much of a fan of drug addict stories but it is pretty well written. I can see this happening. So good job and keep writing. You have a very nicely developed writing style of someone who may have been doing this for a while.

"I felt trapped when I looked at my watch, noticing there was only about twenty minutes left before this bathroom because inhabited with many people." You might want to change because to became.

I like the contradiction in the school and bathroom. How it was his haven and hell at the same time.

"When I finally burned out, I felt like I was that same butterfly, only mounted up on the wall, dead." This is my favorite line in the whole thing. Really good imagery.

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Maria Said:

Please help me with my story!?

We Answered:

Thar was long, almost seems like a anime story. What exactly do you need help with?

Samuel Said:

Going to Law School a waste of time and risky? Seems like a very poor choice for most students.?

We Answered:

My mind was blown o.o

Ethel Said:

How would you solve this word problem?

We Answered:

Calculate, 100 - 12.5 = 87.5% of 512 each year and continue it for 3 times as there was no one dropped for first year.
512 * (87.5 / 100) = 448
448 * (87.5 / 100) = 392
392 * (87.5 / 100) = 343
So 343 left after four years.

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