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How To Write A Resume For A High School Student

Holly Said:

I have been chosen a nominee for student of the month at my high skool i have to do a resume?

We Answered:

Congratulations on being nominated! I'm sure you must have some great qualities about you that earns that nomination. Ok, you may not have done much extra-curricular activities, but that's ok. You can write about the clubs you joined, but if I were you, I'd write more about your passions, your ambitions and what you would do as a role model should you be chosen as student of the month. Write about your family, show them that you come from a good background, cite a few of your own role models in school such as one of your teachers that you have always admired for his/her traits (a little sugar-coating will get you far, you know!). Emphasise that this nomination is a headstart for you to share your talents, potential and leadership with others. Be realistic, genuine and practical and make sure you can fulfill your promises! Best of luck!

Dave Said:

How to write a resume when I don't have any work or volunteer experiences at all?

We Answered:

Wow, that is Tough...
Well then, you have to write about what you know how to do!
Things you have done at home, at church, at shcool, for friends!
Let those be your job experiences!

Also make the best of your education, including any trophies or prizes won, and your extra curricular activities (the legal ones!), and so on.

A nice short cover letter saying something along the lines of:

Why you want to work there, how you heard of them, etc.

Note that this will be a first job for you, so you are extra-motivated to do a good job....

Be honest. Tell them if they give you an interview you will prove your worth.

IFF they are iffy in the interview, and you think you might like working there, and you are worried about competition, offer them 1 or 2 days free work.

Wish you the best of luck.
It was hard getting started for me too many years ago. But eventually I got a few small chances. You will too.

Everett Said:

Resume writing help for a high school student?

We Answered:

Okay, you have a lot more experience than you think. Ever been on a sports team? In a shcool club? On the school newspaper? Even just having good grades (like a 3.0 or higher) would be good to mention. Mention skills that you have. You can use computers, like Word, Excel, and the Internet (older employers will be impressed). If you speak another language or are studying one, mention that as well.

Plus, your employers will look at your age and not expect as much experience from a 16 or 17 year old as they would from a 25 year old.

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Keep resume extracurricular activities if you are writing your resume according to high school students, You get the better job if your resume is good.

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There are a lot of methods to write an experienced resume. But the fundamentals are: write in a 12 or 14 typeface in Periods New Roman, your name/ address/ cellphone number/ e-mail should go at the top in strong writing,

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A well crafted, successful resume is a individual promotion, whose objective is to get you an interview. The resume is the first impact your interviewer will have it better be a good one. Therefore, a successful resume must express the right concept to the company.

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