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Hub High School

Hazel Said:

Why is Texas school bringing back the paddle?

We Answered:

Spare the rod, spoil the child

Glenda Said:

What is going to happen to this guy?

We Answered:

When you study law you will find that all states, countries and territories have different laws and unless you tell people where you are they cannot help you, in some jurisdictions it would not be considered a firearm but would qualify as a weapon, it could result in severe penalties but only the area you are in could determine that.

Oscar Said:

why can"t i get on the internet with all of my computers?

We Answered:

You have a "hub" and not a router connected to your DSL modem?

If that's the case, then I wonder how you set up your IP addressing scheme.

Do the two computers that "work fine connected to the hub" actually have access to the internet?

Here's the scoop: If you do not have a router, you are not doing any NAT (Network Address Translation) so whatever IP addresses you have on your computers are being exposed to the internet. Perhaps one of them is the IP you were given for your DSL connection - that will work just fine. Any other IP address may or may not work depending on what's being connected to, and what kind of intelligence is in the routers in between you and it. If your IP address is duplicated on the net, your packets may be discarded. I could list a bunch of problems that could happen - but the solution is simple

get a router

That way you can have any kind of IP address scheme you like *behind* your router. The oustide world will only see packets with the legitimate IP address you got for your DSL account. Your router will keep track of what each of your PC's is connecting to, and translate the packets from the internet IP to the correct local IP based on that info.

The router can dish out IP addresses on your private network via DHCP as well.

Marion Said:

Will my IEP get me rejected everywhere I apply to?

We Answered:

An IEP shouldn't impact your ability to be accepted to the college of your choice. Provided that you completed the standard HS curriculum but simply with accommodations you still have a HS diploma and this is all colleges will see. They only can access your IEP with your permission and written consent.

Keeping the IEP and the assessments that were used to develop it is an excellent idea. This means that when you start college and are looking for accommodations you have something to support you. You may not get the same type of support in college as High School but it is there. The assessment is key to accessing help in college and the IEP is helpful for determining what has helped you in the past.

Goodluck with the college search!

Some schools that have good support for students with disabilities include:

Arizona State University -
Edgewood College (Madison, WI) -
Augsburg College (Mpls, MN) -
Hamline University (Mpls, MN) -
University of MN - Twin Cities -
Minneapolis Community & Technical College -

There are quite a few others out there. You can get additional information at or

Rachel Said:

Men, what is the perfect size girl for you?

We Answered:

looks don't equate love

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