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In High School

Gail Said:

What classes would you have to take in high school if you wanna be...?

We Answered:

Math, English, a science and a care based subject and probably psychology if your school offers it.

Go online to a local university website, and look up the course you want, and it should tell you what you'll need.

Frank Said:

What high school did the Jonas Brothers go to? And is Kevin in college?

We Answered:

i dont know what schools they went to, but kevin said in an interview that he isnt going to college or taking online classes but he one day wants too.

Jeffrey Said:

How should I deal with jerks in High School?

We Answered:

are they actually messing with you or are you just afraid that they are going to? either way just ignore it or stand up for yourself don't let a bunch of idiots make your life miserable.

Jeanne Said:

I have a 90 average in high school, how much will my average drop in university?

We Answered:

You may find that you continue making A's, since your reading speed and comprehension will increase and you'll keep getting smarter. Science classes are usually the hardest, unless you're already strong in that area. Classes you're really interested in will be a snap.
Don't be discouraged if the first semester is tough. You'll get the hang of it and won't necessarily see your GPA drop. Ask around for recommendations of good teachers. A bad teacher is a drag.

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