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Incentives For High School Students

Cody Said:

How do I properly spend time for my homework? Any incentives?

We Answered:

Do your all homeworks at afternoon.

Danny Said:

For a teacher, if a student is destined to not finish school what are the incentives for the student to stay?

We Answered:

I find your terminology very confused. If a student is "destined to not finish school " or "unacceptable ", then we are assuming from the outset that they cannot, and should not complete high school. Is that what you want to ask? I think it is far better if we assume that all students have the potential to finish grade 12, and graduate.

It is unlikely, however, that 100% of students will ever do this before they turn 18. Real life has a way of intruding, illness, death of a parent or significant person, incarceration, drug problems, mental problems, personal or financial insecurity, etc, will all contribute to the drop-out rate.

Some of these students will later return to school if given the chance and a supportive environment (usually in some sort of alternative program), and some will attain GEDs. A few will not ever return to school, and we should be very concerned, as educators and as members of society in general, when this is the case.

If a student leaves school early and finds gainful (and legal) employment, they should not be discouraged from doing so. People, especially educators, are far to willing to dismiss the efforts of young people to provide for themselves; it is ethically wrong and certainly unprofessional to do so. Not everyone who enters school need advance to a ivy-league university to be counted a success; not everyone who leaves school should be counted a failure.

Carrie Said:

classroom management and incentives for high school special education English.?

We Answered:

well there are a lot of thing you can do! last year i was in kind of the same situation, so i made up this point system that works like real money and a bank account! 1st find out everyones reinforcers such as TV time, computer time, free time, outdoor activities, ask around for donations such as sodas or drinks, candy, chips, also buying the $10 Mp3 players was a hit, even though it came out of my own pocket it was worth it! also one of the reinforcers was to skip a lesson. After you get all their likes and what not, set up an "account" for everyone. I had to start from the bottom, so showing up to class on time was like 20 bucks! also participating was another big one, as well as doing acceptable work. while teaching a subject, if they answered a qestion they would get points, if they acted appropriately they would get points, it was kind of like a praise thing, so everything they did that was good, they got points. if they did wrong i wouldnt take points away, i just gave points to the other kids who were on the right track! lol every point = $1. price all the reinforcers low the 1st week so they can get a feel for it and as the weeks progress increase the prices. as they want to buy something they would use their points, and they would have to keep track of it (as well as yourself, because some was sneaky) like a checking account, if they didnt have points then they would have to work for points.

Also i use the STAR program, it has like a lil penny board with velcro on it and they pick something they want to work for such as TV, so they would have to fill up the penny board, usually 5 tasks, and then after they did they would get the this case TV

Hope this helps! if anything ask me i would be happy to help!

Marie Said:

By abolishing grades in high school, would you kill the incentive for students to study?

We Answered:

why r u thinking like this that abolishing the grades will remove incentives
the progress of the individual and his contenment will motivate him to proceed further
but it can create a relative stress in them

Christine Said:

AP Macroeconomics question about perverse incentives?

We Answered:

You have the first perverse incentive in the instinct of do not get deep comprehension. In this subject, every item will be part of your historic support or inside base for all further economic development.

It is very important make sense and get de goal in any assignment.

Katherine Said:

Ideas for an incentive for high school students to participate in a canned food drive?

We Answered:

food, hot girls/guys collecting, skip homework coupons?, make it a competition between classes (grades), whoever collects the most gets a party/prize or something.

Miguel Said:

Should High School Students be paid to make good grades?

We Answered:

That sounds like a waste of money to me.

Students' stakes in their future and the motivation of their parents should be enough to motivate them towards top grades. The promise of the perfect college or university means a lot more than a little extra spending money to the brightest high school students.

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