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Interesting Articles For High School Students

Shannon Said:

Need ideas for creating a censorship project for grade 10 high school students.?

We Answered:

Perhaps you can have the students create their own "newspaper article" regarding censorship and then within groups combine them to make a whole newspaper section on the topic to present to the class. You could also use a magazine format instead. Hope that helps!

Darlene Said:

What are some cool/fun articles to write for a high school newspaper?

We Answered:

I know an interesting topic is always one on how your school chooses to spend its money and is your school responsible with money. Or you could do a piece on teacher abuse with students.
Other topics would be:

showcasing hidden talents

teachers/students in the military

crime among peers


strange addictions

local bands


William Said:

What would be a good opinionated article to write for my high school newspaper that would interest students?

We Answered:

Is sexual experimentation an essential part of the education process?

Bob Said:

Entertainment article ideas for a high school newspaper?

We Answered:

Stupid celebrities?
What happened on a tv show?
The premiere of the new series of Pretty Little Liars or some other teenage crap?

David Said:

Articles For A School Magazine?

We Answered:

~the end of the writers strike
~the grammys
~the nickelodeon kids choice awards
~the hannah montana 3-d movie
~the murder of six students killed by gunshot at Northern Illinois University
~american idol
~the presidental election and canidates

Discuss It! said:

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Opinionated article to write for my high school newspaper that would interest students?