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Internships For High School Students In Georgia

Clifton Said:

Is it more important to go to a good engineering school and do well instead of a hard school and do average?

We Answered:

I am have an engineering degree from UF, so I'm definitely biased, but I haven't had trouble competing with graduates from any other engineering school. I will say that assuming UF engineering school isn't hard is a mistake. They probably don't have the deep pockets of a school like Cal Tech or MIT, but they offer a very challenging program. Their engineering program is ranked higher than Duke's.
But, I don't think it matters. You will get out of your education what you put into it. If you go to a big name school and slack off, you won't learn anything and you won't impress people when you apply to grad school or for jobs. If you work hard and have a strong base of knowledge, that's what people look for. In my experience, people pay far less attention to where people went to school than what kind of impression they make. I've been involved in hiring and no one really pays attention to the college. Find a school where you feel comfortable. If you feel at home, you'll be happier and do better.
Good luck!

Crystal Said:

Are there any internships available in Georgia for high school student?

We Answered:

Are you talking about paid or unpaid? What is your area of interest? Gwinnett County Government
only has internships for college students, but there are opportunities for high school students to do volunteer work.

Andre Said:

So how well does the transfer route work out in most cases (if you want to go out of state)?

We Answered:

It depends on the school to which the person wants to transfer. It does work out frequently. The best way to know is to try./

Michael Said:

How often does the transferring to a better college route work out in most cases?

We Answered:

it works if you deserve to be there and if you can prove that to prospective schools. there is no formula for this - either they want you or they don't. you need to make them want to give you one of their limited, precious spots.

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