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Internships For High School Students In New York City

Lauren Said:

Could I get into these Universities?

We Answered:

Somehow we didn't get your list of classes, but I'll assume it doesn't include any honors or AP classes since you're not taking any this year. Without a number of more challenging HS classes on your HS transcript, you will have to count Miami (39% admit rate), Maryland (39%), Pepperdine (34%), and NYU (32%) as "near-reach" schools. Texas, Penn State and Cal State Long Beach are not quite in that category, too, but are very close: Texas-Austin admits 44% of applicants, Cal State LB 42%, Penn State Univ Park 51%. With a relatively good GPA and your extracurriculars, you should have no difficulty being admitted to Point Park, St. Cloud State or Arizona State.

I wouldn't suggest you apply to all of these. If I was applying for you, I'd choose Maryland, Texas, Penn State (being in-state should help, although it can be difficult to be admitted to the main campus because of all of the regional campuses in their system), Point Park and St. Cloud. (ASU is the weakest school academically on your list.) I would also keep looking at sites like and to add 1-3 more schools you may have overlooked.

Bradley University - Peoria, Illinois
Butler University - Indianapolis, Indiana
Indiana University - Bloomington, Indiana
Marquette University - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Miami University - Oxford, Ohio
Michigan State University - East Lansing, Michigan
Ohio University - Athens, Ohio
University of Delaware - Newark, Delaware
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Champaign, Illinois
University of Iowa - Iowa City, Iowa
University of South Carolina - Columbia, South Carolina

Marion Said:

Should I take the SAT's for a third time or just begin applying to colleges?

We Answered:

You do realize that college charge an application fee. Applying to 16 schools is really going to cost you. Applying to that many schools is over kill.
You really don't have the transcripts for Penn State or NYU- don't waste your money on college that are beyond your reach.
go for the state schools in the state you live.

Your ACT and SAT scores are low, and it is really too late to take them again. You need to apply to schools. You need to meet the deadlines to apply.

site below and the magazine Newsweek How To Get Into College 2011 may help you with college requirements and where is best for you to apply with a chance of getting accepted

Jon Said:

Chances at top schools like Wharton?

We Answered:

You have a real shot with your stats Sweetie. Your biggest problem is that Wharton is overrun with applications from Asians, and that looks like the pool you'll be competing with. Though you have an advantage coming from Indiana, if you were in NY, NJ or CA it would look much dimmer.

A few thoughts: don't send them the laundry list you gave us here. More is less Sweetie.No one wants to hear about declined jobs and dance marathons. Make the jobs look less like daddy having set you up in them. There is a backlash against rich kids at Penn.

Remember, your application needs to make the admissions people like you. There is a bias against Asian candidates who seem to take themselves very seriously. Lighten it up Sweetie!

Marshall Said:

How would I find an internship/apprenticeship?

We Answered: - try their database. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Manuel Said:

What preparatory steps can I take to better my chances of being accepted into SUNY Canton?

We Answered:

First, check their test score requirements and study hard to make sure you get scores that are in the right range. Also, it goes without saying that you need to do as well as you can in HS from now on.
Also, do a campus visit and get in touch with the office of admissions. Make it clear that it is your top choice. They will be impressed by your determination, and your ability to connect attending the school with your career and this will reflect well on you.
In your essay, talk about the lessons you learned and how you've turned things around from your negative experiences earlier on in HS.

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