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Internships For High School Students In New York

Ted Said:

How can I get a fashion internship at 17 years old?

We Answered:

there is something called like the junior fashion board or something at Nordstroms that you could get on. FIDM might have internships. try talking to people you know in the field and ask if they know anything you could do.

would you please be willing to answer mine?…

Charlene Said:

Does anyone know writing internships for a high school student?

We Answered:

Right now you should try to set yourself up for a writing/publishing internship when you are a college student.

Your high school probably has a newspaper, an annual or biannual creative writing publication, and a year book. You should try to be involved with all three of those things. Just find out who the faculty contact is and ask how you can be involved. It's typically a whole lot of fun.

The truth is that the type of internships that writers generally go after (not writing internships so much as 'publishing' internships) are very, very competitive (a whole lot of people want to write, and not many want to read), so the more involved you are at every stage the better you look when it comes time to go out for that internship! (Usually not until your junior or senior year of college.)

But that doesn't mean those are your only options. You can contact your local newspaper, or Green Sheet (or other form of classifieds publication) for volunteer opportunities in the office or printing office. You can also enter writing competitions for teens (definitely do all the ones for scholarships!). You can even get involved with a writer's group (there's tons of 'em in NY).

But your traditional internship, well, that's just not going to happen for you yet. But you do everything you can now, and in about 3 or 4 years you might be stuffing rejection slips in SASE's for any number of big NY Literary Agents!

Good luck.

Dean Said:

Photography Internships?

We Answered:

First up, get a portfolio together. No matter where you apply for an internship, a good, strong portfolio shows what you're capable of, and what your style is like. Try to focus on your main strengths and interests, but do include a few different styles (portraiture, landscape, action, etc) so they can see you're flexible. Don't cram your portfolio full of pictures. Twelve amazing shots will look amazing on their own, while the same twelve amazing shots will get lost in your portfolio if you have 25 okay/good shots surrounding them.

Secondly, you'll have to do some leg work. Find out the contact details for Rolling Stone and call them. Ask if they accept interns (especially ones out of high school). Ask what the process to apply is. Ask them if they will look at your portfolio and give you feedback. If they don't accept interns or if you don't qualify, ask them if you can shadow one of their photographers. Shadowing involves following a photographer around for a day or two, just to get a feel of what their day is like. If they refuse to let you shadow, ask if you can get a few email addresses for photographers and get in touch with them directly. They might be willing to let you tag along to some shoots, especially if they're freelancers. They might also give you their opinion on your portfolio, or give you some tips about how to break into the business.

You might not be able to get an internship with them right away. Keep trying, if that's the case. You might have to accept that they can't take you now, or ever. But you can still use the opportunity to grow as a photographer. Even if they don't take you, there might be some local, lesser known publications who will be willing to accept you as an intern. Don't just focus on the big names. Everyone has to start somewhere. You might even have to try a few different styles of magazine.

Don't forget to be very polite and send thank you emails/notes to every contact who helps you out. Make your mark. Get your name known.

Good luck.

Frank Said:

Fashion Internship for a high school student in Canada Scarborough Ontario?

We Answered:

there are internships at FASHION magazine. (Editorial, Photography, Fashion, and Beauty are the 4 internships you can take.) They have 3 offices in Canada.

111 Queen St. E., Suite 320
Toronto, ON M5C 1S2
PHONE 416-364-3333
FAX 416-594-3374

Vancouver Office
2208 Spruce St.
Vancouver, BC V6H 2P3
PHONE 604-736-5586
FAX 604-736-3465

Montreal Office
1155 University St., Suite 1301
Montreal, QC H3B 3A7
PHONE 514-284-2552
FAX 514-284-4492

Here is a link to FASHION magazine customer service webpage, they have a downloadable application package there.

Justin Said:

Can I get into medical school?

We Answered:

So, you just finished your first year in college. You still have three more years to improve your GPA because truthfully it does not look impressive. 3.0 is the minimum a college student should strive for in my opinion. In med school, students would have around 3.5+ GPA's so your chances of admission deteriorates. Some med schools may have requirements that you may need a certain grade in certain courses, so you may want to look this up.

I am shocked that you are not allowed to retake any courses because practically every college allows you to retake this course and this is hard to believe. Maybe you should look for another college that allows retakes. For the next three years, work hard to get straight A's. If your college provides tutoring take it. If you don't understand stuff from class, you may want to take an appointment with your professor to ask him help. You should also talk to your professor briefly like every other class if any minor questions you have. This may make the professor feel that you are interested in that class.

I watched this movie The Secret in my English Class and it says that you should not think about negative things. If you think that something bad will happen, it would happen. So, everyday you imagine that you, not would, but you have straight A's in your classes next semester. Imagine you are looking at your transcript and you see straight A's and stuff like that. Be positive and work hard towards your goal.

Well, internships and working in hospitals might help you gain more knowledge and assist with your classes, but I have no idea what impact it would have on medical school. I am a business major and I know that internships are really important for business majors which are hard to find. Anyway, my friend has been doing research ever since his sophomore year in high school at Rutgers and he wants to go to medical school. His elder brother is at Stanford Medical School and he did substantial research and publications. So, this is something you might want to look at. Good Luck and make that GPA to a 3.5. You have the potential to do it.

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