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Internships For High School Students

Tracy Said:

Walt Disney World internships for high school students?

We Answered:

Not exactly what you are looking for but I bet you will find it interesting - Disney Imaginations Contest....

Benjamin Said:

Does anyone know any good medical enrichment/research internships for high school students?

We Answered:

Well, in regards to "medical enrichment" you might consider volunteering at a local hospital. It's not as advanced as what you're looking for necessarily, but you will get good, first hand experience working in the medical industry. Also, if you want to one day be a doctor, you're going to need hundreds of hours of volunteering (or other experience) working in a medical establishment, and they like to see people who started in high school.

I would look into schools with good biochem programs or something and see if they offer summer programs for high schoolers. I go to the University of Colorado at Boulder and I know they have tons of programs in the summer for high school students--everything from various sports camps to science camps. Keep in mind though that while I think you should start looking now, some places might not have listings until March or April depending on the program.

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