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Job For High School Students

Scott Said:

Do you have a job (high school students)?

We Answered:

i just turned 15 and i have a job, i work at a sandwich specialtly restaurent cleaning, making sandwiches, serving the food, everything. full time on the weekends

Rosemary Said:

Does anyone know of job or internship opportunities for high school students afterschool relating to law?

We Answered:

In my experience (I am currently a paralegal in a firm very active in providing internship opportunities and law clerk opportunities), high school students are not given internship positions during the school year. Why? Most law firms operate on a normal business schedule which means you will have, at most, two hours to intern. This is just not an acceptable amount of time for most firms. By the time you put your things away, get started on a project, it is already time to shut down. We experimented last school year with a few students and found they really learned nothing or got anything accomplished. The only way I see you landing an internship position is by having early work release where you can devote at least five hours a day.

While I cannot tell you where to look, I can tell you what we look for out of student interns. Our last summer intern (high school sophomore) was devoted to community service. She was a member of her school's community service group, as well as church. She had YEARS of volunteer experience. We chose her because she was well-spoken, respectful and seem to understand what we required and needed of her. We did not necessarily choose her because of her accolades. So, don't be intimidated by what you have or have not done. When you interview, show that you are mature and can handle the responsibility.

I don't think there is a "website" to find internships. You usually create an academic resume, go to a law office you want to intern at, ask the receptionist if they are considering interns, and hand her a resume to have the attorneys review. Good luck.

Margie Said:

What are some job ideas for High school students?

We Answered:

i would hit the mall girl! dress nice! thats wat im about to do! most places hire at 16 or 18 depending on the store.

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