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Job Openings For High School Students

Ramona Said:

Does anyone know of Job openings in Guilford County, North Carolina?

We Answered:

Have a look at the jobs here.

Naomi Said:

Are there job openings for 19 year old high school graduate basketball players with the Dallas Maverick's?

We Answered:


Steven Said:

Any Part Time Job Openings?

We Answered:

My son, 18, got his first job a few months ago at Taco Bell. At first nobody would call him for an interview after filling out the forms. Then, a friend suggested that he should follow up the application, and he went back to ask whether he could get an interview and he got it and was hired. What I mean is, SOMETIMES you need to insist a little bit.

Loretta Said:

I am a 17 year old student at Midway High School in Waco, Texas and I need a part time job. Can you help?

We Answered:

Look on - do an advanced search and enter your city/state and that you want part time status - there are quite a number of listings.

Franklin Said:

Employment options for DEAF people under the age of 18?

We Answered:

The US Dept. of Labor has a great web site for researching occupations. You might want to check this out to do some research:

Patrick Said:

Does anybody know what the company Vector is?

We Answered:

They want you to go door to door selling knives or something. You get paid horribly it is a rip off dont do it.

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