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Job Search For High School Students

Brittany Said:

Job Search help, please?

We Answered:

There are many opportunities out there for you. Depending on what is your interest. Look into after school programs, working with younger kids. If not perhaps at a department store, they have flexible hours. Pet stores or supermarket. They are always hiring. Even your local hospital. If you are still having difficulty. Go to your local community office, they will be able to help. Good luck to you!

Ivan Said:

job search on the Internet?

We Answered:

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Gina Said:

17-year-old job search?

We Answered:

Ok, I have had past experience with this so take my advice on this: when you complete an application, take the time to ask to speak with the manager. Simply introduce yourself and say that you wanted to personally deliver your application so the he/she (the manager) can put a face with a name. This REALLY helps. When I was searching for a summer job, I handed in so many applications and only got an interview for the one where I personally spoke with the manager.

I have no clue what Gabriel Brothers is so i can't give any advice on that. But if you don't want to work cashier: don't apply for a place that is cashier related (like retail). From my experience, most stores will try to manipulate you because you are young and hire you as a general "sale associate" which means you do everything whenever you want to do it (not good, especially when you don't like doing certain tasks but are forced to because you agreed to be hired as a sales associate). Either be specific that you will not work cashier at all or apply for a job that doesn't involve a register. Some ideas that i can think of for this would be: waitress (although some restaurants do not hire waitresses at can start as a hostess or bus person and then sometimes they will let you waitress), a secretary at an office/hair salon/dentist etc. Also, if you like kids, try getting a job at a day care. It can be really rewarding (if you like kids, that is) and looks good for college apps if you want to go into anything related to education/child care. Consider working at a pool/tennis club as a lifeguard possibly (they have other jobs available as well). You might also apply for a job at a sandwich place or ice cream shop where the cashier duty is more limited than if you were working at a store checking out clothes or food all day.

Also, if you have any superior knowledge in any subject, try tutoring kids over the summer (for SATs, Math, or any subject really). This is extremely flexible (you literally make your own hours) and you can get way better money than working minimum wage. A qualified adult tutor charges between $40 (cheap) to $70 (expensive). Depending on your qualifications, you could try charging around $30 as an economical alternative for students who want extra help over the summer and want to be tutored by someone who has recently been through the same courses they have. (promote that aspect). If you decide to go this route, give your school guidance office your name and number so they can direct struggling students to you over summer.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need anything else.

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If you decide to go this route, give your school guidance office your name and number so they can direct struggling students to you over summer.

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