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Job Searches For High School Students

Jesus Said:

I'm desperate looking for a job in Miami Fl, any help?

We Answered:

When I was in College my major was Psychology. We had to do 180 Hours of " Externship" ( Volunteer work for Free) as part of the Curriculum to Graduate. I did my Volunteering @ MHMR (Locally) and then went to work for them when I Graduated. Can you tell me what your Major is by e-mail on Answers? If you can, I will tell you what places that you can go to and offer help for you. Depending on your Major, there are probably 1000 places to go.

Dora Said:

How do I go about getting my first job?

We Answered:

1. Resume? You mean application? MOST places where a teen will get hired will not need a resume...but if you do need one, then you should include every bit of volunteer/work experience you have. Make sure you have a lot of references too!!! As far as key words, they say "honest" and "trustworthy" are two of the best words to describe yourself as. You also should add in hobbies like sports or groups that you have been apart of.

2. You should really go in person. If you just call, i can almost guarantee they will say no even if they are. You go into the place and make sure you ask for the MANAGER! Then ask for an application and if they are hiring. Remember that this is your first impression so look nice...i don't mean slacks or anything...just nice jeans with no holes and a dressy shirt.

3. I work at a grocery store and honestly i think another job would be better...the only good thing is that in grocery stores you can usually get a lot of hours compared to fast food and other businesses. You need to know your personal choice. If you want to be working with people and talking with coworkers, do fast food...if you would rather be more by yourself, do a grocery store....but my suggestion is to apply at 4 or 5 places and see where you can get hired first. I think a movie theater would be a good place to work! Clothing stores would also be cool.

4. You need to be confident but not cocky and also show a smile :) In the interview i can guarantee they will ask you "What are your strengths and weaknesses?"....for a strength, you could say "I would say my greatest strength is that I work very well in a group, as well as individually"...most employers want people like that. For weaknesses you ALWAYS want to turn it into a strength so say "I would say my greatest weakness is that I can be a perfectionist at times...but I like to look at it as a strenth because I always complete the work the way it needs to be done".

Good Luck :)

Seth Said:

Can anyone tell me where can i find part-time jobs ?

We Answered:

buy a local news paper go find help wanted section and search what ever job you feel match,good lcuk!!

Tammy Said:

what is a good paying career to get into after high school?

We Answered:

GO TO COLLEGE! Best advice I can give ya. Minimum wage sucks. Ya know they just shot down the bill to raise the minimum wage. Again I say GO TO COLLEGE!

Christian Said:

high school fashion intern jobs in New York City or New Jersey please please answer 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER!?

We Answered:

I would ask your school counselor about where you might be able to find an internship for a fashion designer. They should at least know some resources. Oh, and you should check out It's a community for aspiring/established fashion designers to display their designs, get community feedback, and meet other designers. I think it might interest you.

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