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Jobs For High School Students In Toronto

Bernard Said:

What jobs are there in the army?

We Answered:

i couldn't tell you much about the Canadian army because i am an american but i know there are numerous engineer positions available. (chem, electrical, mechanical, combat, etc...) basically if there is a civilian field for it there is probably one in the army.

as for medical, there is always a demand for medics in the army and the civilian world.

as for which one, that is up to you. both are great fields to get into. if you don't plan on making a career out of the military you can transfer your skills to the civilian world. i don't know what kind of college programs the canadian military has, but in the states we have ROTC where you enlist and they pay for your schooling while you train on the side. you graduate as an officer. i would say go for that.

good luck

Erica Said:

relocating to Toronto,ON and after college plans?

We Answered:

even if you study in Canada, when you finish studying you would still have to qualify to immigrate (get permanent residency) it is not immigrate you need to be a skilled worker

Julie Said:

Civil Engineers University of Toronto?

We Answered:

1. what is UFT? Do you mean UofT?

2. UofT will publish their minimums for entrance on their website, I suggest taking a look at those as they will show you what you need to take in high school.

3. In my opinion nothing in high school will change the odds of you finding employment in the field. They will help you do better in university and will provide you with a better foundation but a high school level business course (example) isn't really going to help much ..

4. University courses will vary for your trade, again go to the department website and you could see a full listing of electives and mandatory classes.

5. Calculus is important in any field of study but I would say that the civil engineering students at the few schools I've attended tend to do the least of it of all the engineering majors. For them single variable calculus is important but they don't take much in way of multivariable.

6. In high school I would take all of your grade 12 maths, physics, chemistry, maybe programming if you have the space, english, and another suitable course if you have the space. Granted as a civil you won't do much of the chem/programming and the highschool physics content will have little bearing on your work but it will provide a good framework to expand upon in university.

Stella Said:

How can I become a dual citizen of Canada and the USA as easily and quickly as possible?

We Answered:

as quickly as possible will still be 3 years minimum and thats only if you marry a US citizen.

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