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Journalism Internships For High School Students

Tom Said:

What is it like being a high school journalism teacher / who also teaches English Classes?

We Answered:

I have a great Journalism teacher at high school who also teaches English classes.

He really does most of his teaching at journlism - basic level, where the students learn the ropes and the teacher shares a lot of his experiences in the field. Fun stories.

The rest of the journalism levels are just newspaper staff, where he generally lets the students run the paper himself but come to him when advice is needed, for reviewing the paper, etc.

So generally he is usually meeting with a student or just relaxing on his computer during the upper journalism classes. Usually all levels of journalism are piled into one class since there isn't a difference between Journalism 2 and Journalism 4, just the number year.

English is English; you follow a curriculum, read whatever stories with the students, and prepare them for the final.

Darren Said:

Are there any publishing or journalism jobs or internships for high school students in Louisville, Kentucky?

We Answered:

Call the Courier-Journal, Business First, The Voice, LEO, Louisville Magazine. You may also try calling the Journalism Dept at U of L & see what they have to say. Good luck to you.

Jim Said:

What are some good internships for high school students? help please.?

We Answered:

Try calling your local paper. Check with the grocery stores for the free magazines, they usually are kept at the front entrances with the apartment guides, inside any cover they have their local offices and phone numbers,try giving them a call, I am sure that would take your movitated help. Good luck.

Neil Said:

Journalism/ arts internship for high school student?

We Answered:

It really depends on the area you live in. If there are any small newspapers, those will be your best bet -- even if it's the local Penny Saver or a similar advertising paper. What you're really looking for is someplace that will allow you to contribute something -- anything -- to the team effort, with perhaps a writing credit or two as the cherry on top. Gaining this kind of internship will probably require some legwork and persistence on your part, and it probably won't really help you get a job one day -- your track record and internship in college will go a lot further toward that. But it will help you establish a work record and credibility, and every little bit will help on your resume once you get your degree.

Good luck!

Sara Said:

What career opportunities are there in the journalism field for a high school student?

We Answered:

Her biggest concern is to start to build her portfolio. Therefore, she wants to be able to show clips of things that she has written. This can include excerpts from her blog, letters to the editors at her favorite magazines, etc.
They understand that she has limited experience but she wants to be able to show a variety of different areas: copy writing, news clips, full lenght articles, short articles. Anything she may have writtern in high school can be added to her portfolio. Place them in a nice binder or portfolio.
She can intern with a PR firm, graphic artist, local radio station who may need a copy writer. There are a lot of newsletters and local papers that accept writing submissions.
Offer to write articles for her church paper or anyone who will let her write.
Journalism covers a lot of areas and she will want to explore narrowing down her focus over the summer so when they ask her want she intends to do with a Journalism degree, she can give direct answers. Best wishes to your friend!

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