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Law Programs For High School Students

Roberto Said:

What local program for high school students interested in a career in law-enforcement is there in Raleigh,NC?

We Answered:

See if your local police agency has a Law Enforcement Explorer program.

Bobbie Said:

are their any junior law programs?

We Answered:

Regarding the first post, no firm will care that you emptied their trash when it's time to hire an attorney. And if you're coming from Harvard, they would have hired you anyway.

My public high school in CA had a program called ROP that was after school classes (for units and a grade) that were meant to introduce students to different occupational fields. One was a law one, which was taught by a local attorney who taught us really basic stuff, and then it culminated in a mock trial. That was a fun way to be introduced to the concepts of law. Ask your high school guidance counselor whether your school or any others nearby have a program similar to this.

If not, check local community college course catalogs to find any courses related to law.

You don't need to do any of this to get into a good law school, but if it helps you decide that law is or is not for you, or if you want to just learn some stuff as soon as possible, it definitely won't hurt.

It might help you get a better job at a law firm too, but you'll honestly probably be looking at being a file clerk or some other administrative job. Do not bother with a menial job there. The first poster's suggestion of collecting the trash is ridiculous because (1) the trash gets collected at night after the attorneys have left and (2) some older attorneys aren't particularly nice to people with menial jobs, and you'll just see their negative sides.

More important than anything else is that you work your butt off in your classes and get the best grades you possibly can, study hard for the SAT (take a review course if you have the money unless you're extremely disciplined and learn very well on your own), and focus on the sorts of extracurriculars (with leadership positions) that will get you into a similarly prestigious college. They have much higher acceptance rates to the best law schools than lower ranked schools.

Good luck!

John Said:

If I have a degree from the US and decide to study law in Chile, can I start part way through the program?

We Answered:

Most likely you will have to fulfill any prerequisites that the particular law school has for advanced classes. However, before you apply to the law program, I would suggest calling the institution and scheduling an informational meeting (via phone) with an admissions counselor and a law school academic advisor. Update them on your situation, your education background and ask them what recourse you could take. It would be ideal if you visit the law school personally however and do this in person. Also, the law school is also going to what to assess your spanish language abilities, both in writing verbally. For now review the criteria for an international student and take it from there. Best of luck.

Best of luck.

Terry Said:

What ivy league colleges offer law or education academic programs for students straight out of high school?

We Answered:

You need a 4-year college degree to apply to any law school, so that's not an option. You can study education at most colleges, and unless you're planning to someday teach education at the college level, getting an ivy league education to teach primary school is a huge waste of money. You'd get the same job you would with a degree from a low-ranked state university.

Edwin Said:

Are there any free weekend or after-school Law teams and mock trails for High school students in Brooklyn ?

We Answered:

I suggest you contact a local law school. Or find a law firm willing to spend 2 minutes talking to you. Your high school counselor should also be able to find out about this for you. She/he should have access to law school information in your area. Any requirements will be available as well as contact information.

Good luck.

Chris Said:

What School Is Best for an Eventual Career in Law?

We Answered:

Your undergrad college itself isn't really going to be important. What really matters in getting into law school are your grades... plus the LSAT score, ugh, and your other experiences (work, personal, etc.). Your undergrad school may be helpful in networking - like if you are interested in a firm, you can check to see if anyone working there went to your school, but that's all after the fact, and wouldn't help you make your decision now.

You should just decide based on other factors - location, size, campus life, maybe campus safety issues... After all, this is a place you are going to have to be for 4 years!

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