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Leonard Said:

What are my chances of getting into these Universities?

We Answered:

I think you have an excellent chance of getting into the schools you mentioned. I'd even say you have a good chance of getting into George Washington!
Stay on the track that you're on and you'll be accepted at a great school. And you're only a junior, don't worry about this stuff yet! Just focus on keeping your grades up. You still have a full year before you apply to colleges and your priorities might change in that time, so keep an open mind.

Delores Said:

Ladies! What do you think?

We Answered:

I believe this is an honest letter!!
If someone was blowing you off it would not be this in depth and long.
I believe you should be understanding and try to find the next time that you guys can meet up.
It sounds like she is very interested and listens to you as she answered and asked some questions.
Maybe write back and then meet up as soon as you can.
You could even be honest and say that you were worried that she was blowing you off and that you understand how busy she is and then give her an out just to be sure.. like if you are too busy for a new relationship right now then u understand but that you really are interested and would love to go out again if she wants to. Just make sure that you explain that you are interested and are listening to what she is saying.

Good luck!!

Angel Said:

My chances into getting into these universities?

We Answered:

pretty high.

Jerome Said:

My Chances of getting into UW University and Others?

We Answered:

Unfortunately, until you have your test scores, it is absolutely impossible to tell a thing. Anyone who tells you otherwise is full of ****.
That being said, gwu isn't that hard to get into. It is by no means easy but with your grades you should be fine with decent test scores.
Georgetown should be achievable with good test scores (32+ act).
For Yale and Stanford, a 34+ is necessary and even that won't guarantee you a thing.

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