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Leadership Conferences For High School Students

Jordan Said:

Can into Cornell, or any other prestigious school?

We Answered:

offf course you can! It looks really good to me! Well, if you're applying to Harvard or Yale, I'm sure you know that thousands of people with perfect GPA's and SAT scores and other perfect stuff get turned down. But I'm sure you will get into a prestigious school. LIke the person above me said, you'll never know until you try! Good luck!

Rita Said:

What should I wear to this leadership conference interview?

We Answered:

The dark jeans sound okay..Do you have or can you borrow a suit jacket? That would dress up the jeans? If not pick a nice blouse..I'm sure you'll do GREAT.
Don't forget to smile.

Andy Said:

What dose it mean if you get an invite to the Congressional Student Leadership Conference?

We Answered:

well, seeing as April 6th, 2009 has passed now i'd say to forget about it and move on.

Debbie Said:

Hey, I'm a freshman in high school and I want to attend an ivy league college. What are my chances so far?

We Answered:

Try to get that number one spot in your class. Keep your grades up. Join more clubs. Do more volunteer work for an extended period of time; it looks better if you stick to one or two volunteer jobs for a few years than many volunteer jobs for short amounts of time. Join an academic club like National Honors Society or BETA club. You're on your way to getting in there. Just make sure that you don't get senioritis when you get to be a senior. Though, don't close your mind to other colleges and universities. Ivy-league schools are vastly overrated, and they generally don't hold the same status that they used to hold. Look for a college or university based on your interests and your possible major.

Christopher Said:

i have gotten a congressional student leadership conference packet in the mail for a medical conference?

We Answered:

It more than likely is legit. I am sure you can probably contact the colleges involved. They have you staying at colleges right, and visiting hospitals? Although it is expensive, it does look good on college applications.

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