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Leadership Games For High School Students

Doris Said:

I want to Home School?

We Answered:


I find ur situation. I can't say as how to convince your mom, but if provided oppotunity, I'll help in your math.

Joyce Said:

What are some Leadership games?

We Answered:

Hold on there's a storm coming, stay face down, face down, one hand tied to the anchor and we're reaching for the sky. Hope we don't drown, don't drown. Do I really wanna play that song, I see you...I've seen too many birds shot down, too many birds shot down. Hold on there's a storm coming, stay face down, face down

Annie Said:

Student who needs Ideas to lead a 40 minute group activity in class?

We Answered:

Help your group with there career choice. Teach for about 5 minutes on the importants of careers, then you can discuss each of there careers with them lol

Elizabeth Said:

Game ideas for school gym blast!?

We Answered:

dodge ball? um... color tag.

(go on msn please katie :D)

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