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Leadership Opportunities For High School Students

Terrance Said:

Does anyone mind reading my speech for high school president elections?

We Answered:

Sounds great, although I would just state my name or my nickname, not both, It takes away from the speech I think. Also, I would take out the last sentence, and put a catchy slogan of sorts. But very nice overall.

Marlene Said:

Why is "the high school experience" so important?

We Answered:

I think its because there are some homeschooled programs that are not as enriching as yours. Don't credit me on that, but I'm assuming that people have only brushed the surface of what homeschooling is all about, thus having such a negative outlook on it.

People see homeschooled students as 'sheltered' from the real world. They feel that homeschooling doesn't teach social bonding with a group of students, encountering various backgrounds, different ethnic groups, different religions, etc. and that homeschooled kids have no experience with the tough side of life. Basically, they think being homeschooled doesn't provide the backbone that public schools can provide through daily life in an institution with many different individuals.

To me, homeschooling is for richer people, and at times I do have the conception that homeschooled kids are sheltered, but they are far more advanced than students their own age and achieve far greater things because of the intensive study they do at their own pace. It's all just personal perception based on what information people are exposed to.

Mabel Said:

What is the national young leaders conference?

We Answered:

I got it too and I am oober confused. Google it, a lot of people say it's a scam and that it's not exclusive at all. I haven't been able to figure out how we got picked, doesn't seem to good to be picked for answers questions on a survey but that's my own opinion. Their website is good but to hear the negative stuff just check Google, they have a lot of information on it (both bad and good) Good luck deciding!

Byron Said:

What are some issues that take place in High Schools?

We Answered:

I know that at my local high school we have a lot of problems with homosexuals and bisexuals being harassed. It's becoming disgusting, actually.

Budget concerns are normally over the constant war between the music department and the sports department.

New policies in school are mostly attire. No baggy pants, no pajama pants, not hoods, no hats that cover a person's ear, and on halloween no face paint.

New grad. requirements are simply and improvement in the number of credits we have to complete, we must pass standardized testing, and we must get to and pass algebra II.

If you have any other questions, just ask! :D

Micheal Said:

Could you please read my article for my high school newspaper?

We Answered:

I've only written a single piece for a newspaper myself, and a school newspaper at that, but your piece looks to be solid. The only areas I would recommend critiquing are your ending, and the use of the word "definitely," as it invokes a sense of affirmation, unless that was your focus.

Again, in a general sense from someone who's only written a single article, this paper is pretty solid.

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