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Lesson Plans For High School Students

Andrew Said:

Where can I find an appropriate proofreading mark handout for high school students in journalism?

We Answered:

The following is included in Webster's and it's a helpful chart:…

Seth Said:

I have been asked to tutor a high school student psychology. what do I do during the tutoring session?

We Answered:

Who asked you to do the tutoring? I'd begin with them. If it was a teacher or administrator, ask them to give you the framework for the course, along with what the expectations are for the student. If a parent asked you to do this, ask them why they feel their child needs a tutor. Is it because of poor test scores? If so, I'd focus on improving the child's study skills. If it is that the child feels completely lost, then I'd borrow his text and try to work on simplifying the information in each chapter so as to present a more concise version of the topics. I don't think I'd give any "extra work" outside of our tutoring sessions (if the student can't handle the class as it is, i'm not certain that he/she will benefit from having to attend class, do homework, attend tutoring and do tutoring homework.) Instead, I would make each of my tutoring sessions about representing the info taught in class in a more simplistic manner; going over studying skills to help improve test scores; making "practice quizzes and tests" after you've completed a unit to ensure that the student is on track.

Best of Luck.

Darryl Said:

how to teach STD to high school students in 30 - 40 min?

We Answered:

Hello Dan,

I don't have any lesson plans but you may want to include that if any of your students, or any of their friends, are at risk for STD's to get themselves tested.

This is a subject that really needs to be covered. Best of luck.

Shirley Said:

Animal Testing Article for high school year 10 lesson?

We Answered:

You could watch some clips from the documentary Earthlings, or watch the whole thing :)

It is really moving and it made me go vegan

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