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Letter Of Recommendation For High School Student

Armando Said:

I need help on what to ask for in a letter of recommendation for high school?

We Answered:

More than likely your teacher knows your strengths; however, if it REALLY bothers you, tell her you would like an overview of your achievments since she has known you.

What does she think your contribution to studying/research and education in and out of class will bring?

What are her impressions of you as a student? What does she think you could contribute to your further education and the education of others? etc.

Don't worry, it'll be fine.

Jessie Said:

Letters of Recommendation High School?

We Answered:

First, a teacher WILL NOT write about another student in your letter of recommendation. If they do not like you, they will just tell you that they cannot write one for you.

Also, the point of recommendation letters is to give colleges an idea of your character, so therefore they should know you well
Honestly, none of these teachers would be the great...If you never talked to your calculus teacher, so he won't work. And in your other two classes, you ended up doing worse as the semester goes on...yea things come up, but people want to hear stories about students who did well IN SPITE OF distractions...But so you won't worry, your teacher isn't going to write about how you did worse. Teachers would rather refuse to write one rather than writing a bad one

But your best bet is going with your Chemistry teacher (because you did well throughout the course) and you Computer Science teacher (because he knows what you do outside of classes)

Developing a closer relationship with teachers and doing well throughout the course is something that you want to work on before applying to college.

Rachel Said:

How do you ask a teacher for a letter of recommendation?

We Answered:

You simply go up to whichever teacher you think will write an excellent letter for you, and ask him/her, "I was wondering if you could please write me a letter of recommendation?" and I'm sure your teacher will be happy to write for you.

I teach English to juniors in high school, and I love writing letters for them. It's amazing to watch your students blossom into who they have become, and all I want is for my students to succeed. Most of your teachers probably feel the same way (most, at least). Don't be shy- just ask!

Good luck!

Clinton Said:

If I am a college student looking to transfer, can I ask my former high school teacher for a letter of rec.?

We Answered:

Yes, I believe you should. When college advisers read peoples recommendations, they read the recommendations, not the reccomendor. If you feel that she would write you an awesome rec, then by all means ask her to write it.

Brad Said:

how do i get someone to write me a letter of recommendation?

We Answered:

You need two different teachers. They are used to writing these. Ask two you have bonded with in the past - they don't have to be current teachers. Your boss or former boss is good, but you can also use someone you have voluteered for.

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