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Life Skills For High School Students

Brad Said:

Do we need more "life skills" classes in high school?

We Answered:

MOST DEFINITELY. i'm in college right now, and i totally wish my high school had those kinds of classes. even basic how-to-live-on-your-own skills are necessary. freshman year is a HUGE learning curve for people. thankfully my mom taught me how to clean and do laundry, but i can't even tell you how many times guys would approach people in the laundry room to ask how to wash his clothes. also, i was clueless about balancing a checkbook...until i was at the mall and thought the atm was broken/out of money, because i couldn't even withdraw ten dollars....and was more than a little embarrassed when the guy standing behind me for five minutes was able to withdraw $200.00...that was when i learned that you need to balance a checkbook, and when my parents sat me down to talk about balancing a checkbook and creating a budget...i felt like a total idiot. also, now that i'm sharing an apartment with other students, i REALLY wish they taught us how to cook in a home-ec class in high school. luckily i'm able to grill my parents about these things (i think my parents are spending my ENTIRE winter break further teaching me how to be an independent adult), but there are so many kids who don't have that available to them. so yes, i DEFINITELY think schools need these life skills courses. especially since students also need economics, and you shouldn't have to focus your class time on anything other than that. =)

Lorraine Said:

What does it take in order for a 9th grade high school student to be held back a year?

We Answered:


Norman Said:

If you teach martial arts at a secondary/high school and no students turn up, how to get them to come along?

We Answered:

Welcome to my world. For over 36 years I have struggled to get serious students. There will always be a few that really and truly want to learn. Most only want to play karate, or think that they will get good at it quickly. If you are not satisfied with the very few serious students that show up, then you are in the wrong place. It will always be difficult to get students. And you can;t control them and make them want to do it. Either they do or they don't. After many years of running a commercial dojo. I no longer rent a building or have to put up with lazy people. I select only those students that are willing to come and learn.

LUV_4_ I hear what you are saying, but you must understand that nwohioguy and I have taught martial arts many years. We have come to the point that we will not waste our time on those that are only wasting our time. It has taken us many years to gain the knowledge we have. Why would we waste our time, knowledge, and gasoline going to teach a few students that are barely worth it if they all showed up every class? The reality is that only about 5% of any class of students will be serious about training. The rest are wasting our time and fooling themselves in to thinking that they are learning. nwohioguy mentioned 20-25 students. In a class that size, only one or two are likely to be serious. I'll bet it is closer to one. It would be better to spend our time teaching a different class that has more students. If that one or two students is really serious then they will either come train with us, or find another instructor to study with. I can't tell you how many small classes I have taught for groups of 3-20 students. After years of showing up week after week only to find that no one showed up, you get tired of bending over backwards to try to accommodate those that don't have enough respect of drive to come to class regularly. I'm with nwohioguy. Befor Christmas was a good example. I had two guys approach me asking me to train them. They swore that they would be good students. We arranged to meet at Golds Gym the next Wednesday night. Neither showed. Then one called me and asked me why I did not show up the following Wednesday. I told him that he did not show up for the first class. He also did not attempt to call me or send me email. So why should I show up the following week when I had heard nothing in over a week. He proceeded to say that he did not come because I had not called him that afternoon to confirm the class. I called his hand saying that we had agreed to the time and location. i told him that I had said that I would be there, and he assured me that he would also. Students are fickle, lazy, and disrespectful in many cases. I will not waste time on them. Those that truly want to train will act responsibly. Those guys, I will do everything in my power to train. Yes we have an obligation to teach others. However we don't have an obligation to waste our time on those that are lazy and disrespectful.


Carolyn Said:

Should parenting skills be a required class for all high school students?

We Answered:

Yes- parenting or at least some kind of child development or child psych... combined with a sex ed- at least the part about efectiveness of various kinds of birth control and info about STD's.... like "Abstinance is the only sure way to avoid all STD's, including pregnancy..." or "A 5-yr-old is egocentric. She thinks that her behavior and actions are the cause of everything else happening..." and so on...

Another answer mentioned homosexuals lack of need for this type of education- if they choose to adopt, aren't they still parents? Aren't they still responsible to love and teach those children?

Many people are placed in a parental role, not always by choice. I don't think anyone can get through life without contact with children- their own offspring, nieces/nephews, grandchildren, the neighbor kids, babysitting, etc. Understanding how kids at different ages think is vital for these relationships.

I am not a parent, but my church has asked that I care for and supervise the little ones while their parents are in their classes. These children are between 18 months and 3 yrs old. I am grateful for what I know about children. Because of my college human development classes, I know what to expect from these kids- behavior, attention span, etc.

No, the public school system is not very well equiped to, nor should they teach ethics, but they can teach statistics, trends, and the typical development of infants, children and teens.

Megan Said:

What is the one (1) thing you were taught in high school that?

We Answered:

Today, (11/14/2006), my teacher gave the whole class a "confidence lecture" because we weren't performing so well.

He told us that you will get nowhere in life unless you be assertive and aggressive (NOT violent), and I believe that is true.
- You have to move people out of the way, and not let them move you.
- Don't stand in the corner, be the center of the party.

He also told us that high school only comes once, and after four years of the 'intense drama', you probably might not even see those people again.
- Make the best of your four years (or more).
- Don't make a big deal about labels: be yourself.

I'm only a freshman now, but his sermon got me thinking...
After high school:
- Where will I go?
- Who will I be with?
- Why my life turned out that way
- etc.

"I've heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason, bringing something we must learn; And we are led to those who help us most to grow if we let them, and we help them in return. Well, I don't know if I believe that's true; But I know I'm who I am today because I knew you."
- Stephen Schwartz ("For Good" from Wicked)

Caroline Said:

Any in class project ideas for high school students?

We Answered:

Have your students job shadow in a career they are interested in. Then have them do a presentation on what they learned. They could also research how much schooling is required, salary, job demands, etc.

Have them make a budget. Give them a certain amount for a month and see if they can find a place to live, get insurance, buy food, pay the electricity bill, etc. They could write a paper about what they learned or do a presentation.

Have them keep a food diary. They could analyze what they eat for calorie content and nutritional value. Have them plan meals and menus for a week. They could go pretend grocery shopping and try and stay in a budget.

Have someone come and a CPR class.

Have them answer Dear Abby type questions about life and love. It will be a good exercise to have them give advice about things they might be going through.

Ryan Said:

How can I get money donated to a school?

We Answered:

Do you have any school organizations like a PTA or a student organization? It can be tricky to get a donation unless you have a proposal and a organization to appropriate the funds.If you are a title 1 NCLB school(40 % of children recieve free lunch) you can use you parent advisory council (which are required by law if you receive goverment funds)to help you raise funds.It is hard to raise funds through some school organizations unless the funds are directly used for education-books,desk,computers.Public transportation and grocery shopping don't fall in these catogories. The school need to be held accountable and donations for your class need to used responsibly.I live in chicago and there are certain guidelines we use for donations.We have been able to offer parents bus cards to use to get to and from parent meetings.We never offered any assistance with grocery shopping but,we keep a careful record of who we give the bus cards to and they must attend meetings regulary.I am not saying you can't raise the kind of funds for your class but you need a clear proposal how the funds will be used and a school organization that will back you.Target,Walmart,police department and local banks are good places to start. You can also try

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