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Local Jobs For High School Students

Frances Said:

How do I get a job at the local grocery store?

We Answered:

yes just walk in and ask for a app, or go on line a lot of places now you can apply for a job on line.

Regina Said:

Do you really think when school teachers say they care about the students they really do or do you feel they ?

We Answered:

I think when they start out all teachers do care . Because they obviously aren't in it for the money. I'm sorry but teachers do not make enough money. They are helping to shape the future and they don't get crap for it. Plus I would get burnt out pretty quick too if I had to deal with selfish immature little bratty teenagers every day. I remember when I was a teenager and I was no where near as immature as half of them are today.

Alfredo Said:

How can i make some money while a student in high school?

We Answered:

Lots of luck on that one. You and million-s of other people are looking for the same thing. And for the most part, such "jobs" don't exist. You pay us first is a major warning sign. About the only people who make any real money are those who start their own web site.

Walter Said:

How do you think I fared after high school?

We Answered:

you are in prison right now and you have to go because your 2 minutes are up.

Susan Said:

As a 12th grade teacher, what kind of students will I be dealing with everyday?

We Answered:

probably all different kinds like preps, goths, emo's, etc..

Margie Said:

Is a job still an equal opportunity employer if they decide that they don't want high-school students?

We Answered:

Some jobs have age restrictions. Plain and simple. I don't believe the whole "equal opportunity" thing is concerned with age, but rather race, religion, financial status, etc.

Stacy Said:

High School Job Shadowing...?

We Answered:

Yes if you are over 16. You will need to sign a waiver and they will do a quick background check on you. Give them a call and they'll set you up.

Also, ask about their Police Cadet/Explorer program.

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