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Marine Biology Programs For High School Students

Tracy Said:

Do you know of a cheap travel program?

We Answered:

For study abroad?

Well assuming that I suggest you get on the ball there are great websites out there giving high school kids great scholarships to study abroad before college. is useful to search.

If you want a brief visit somewhere athena study abroad does a great greece program for about 15 days.

ISA and Neca Florence are pretty cheap for summer programs try a mid summer to late summer program in Italy - would be great experience they also have France.

Im a study abroad student myself - if you need additional help message me - i'd be more than happy to share some insights

Heather Said:

Career with sharks. What can I do to work with them?

We Answered:

You have already answered your own question... lack of great grades, lack of opportunity, likely pays poorly. About the best you likely can do is work for someone who takes tourists our for a cage dive.

This pays next to nothing, and you'll save nothing. Better you go back to school, sweetie, and get a degree in something that will help you earn a living. Do some of this other stuff on the side. At 24, it's about time you were self supporting.

Vickie Said:

Can I get into these colleges?

We Answered:

Most scholarships are generally NOT for the average student, they are for the academically-superior student. Some are, as you stated, for members of particular groups, and the members OF that group decide what their secondary criteria are. Grants, on the other hand, can go to average but financially-challenged students. Yes, it IS work, applying for Scholarships, grants.
If you are looking for a scholarship to study in USA or Europe, check out this site:

Hope this help,

James Said:

I want to get into M.I.T. Any tips?

We Answered:

If your 4.0 is unweighted, you are in a very good position. If it is weighted, I hope your unweighted GPA is over a 3.8. First/second in your class is also very good.

You have good extracurriculars, but what MIT wants to see is a lot of science. Community college classes are great, but the science ones are far more important for you than things like history. Taking challenging classes will up your odds of getting in, but be aware that many private colleges do not count community college classes as general education classes- they are sometimes counted as electives. Check out the MIT transfer credit policies on their website.

You should definitely be entering the Intel Science contest in 2010 or 2011 This is a very big, prestigious contest.

You should also look into the JSHS contest

Another is Siemens…

Entering contests like these is way more important than joining the drama club for MIT. You should definitely keep up with your current extracurriculars (band, community service, basketball, volleyball), but the contests are way more important for a school like MIT.

If your parents have the money, you should consider this science summer program…

I'm not sure if MIT interviews, but the schools that do normally have a local alumni who does interviews. If you live far from a major city, it might be a drive, but you wouldn't have to fly to Mass.

Pedro Said:

I don't know where to start when thinking about college?

We Answered:

1) nthe first thing you should do is pick a college that you like, no you dont need to be near the ocean if your going to be a marine biologist because by the time you get into your major (junior/senior year) im sure that the college you picked will have labs for you to work with.

2) core classes are normally taken freshman-sophmore year, these are general classes (english, math basic science) and they all depend on what your major is (ex) a sceince major wouldnt generally take an english class) after this you go into your major which is more focused on your area of study.

3) its important to know what colleges your interested in so that you can look up the major you want to go into to see what classes you would need to start off taking (most college websites have degree outlines)

-The most important thing to know is that when you pick a college you can refrence their website or schedule an appointment to talk with a college rep who will answer ALL of your questions.
-I dont think out of state is worth it at all, but that totally up to you.
-Since your a senior right now I suggest you start finding a college your interested in so you can get this stuff to your school counselor they're supposed to help you with the transition to college (or if you have a transition coordinator at your school talk to him/her)


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