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Marketing To High School Students

Marsha Said:

What product would High School students buy?

We Answered:

I would think of a gimmick-type product. Like the ever so popular pet rock. People tend to spend money foolishly on gimmicks IF it makes them laugh. That's the key.

And it's profitable!

Just let you imagination go crazy.

Suzanne Said:

A small busines for high school students?

We Answered:

To me, that would be an exciting class and a real opportunity for you to show on paper what you can do in a real life situation. Why not consider a home based website design business, an Ebay consignment business, teaching computer classes to seniors, and/or a business that uses your skills and experiences. Remember that while profit is the difference between income and expenses, you will have to account for lots of expenses that you take for granted but the good news is that alot of them are tax write offs. Base your business from home to save on rent, salaries, etc. but account for your internet and computer costs, paying parents for transportation, business insurance, cell phone expense, etc. Be frugal. That $4,000 may sound like alot but you need business cards, maybe a used laptop computer, a website hosting, blank CDs, and such. Don't be afraid to take tax writeoffs for business meetings, education, business travel, etc. You are entitled to it!!! That $600 a month won't be complete profit so plan on paying taxes and other costs that the other students will forget about. I bet you will do really well with this project!!!

Minnie Said:

What's a good marketing tool to encourage high school students to take business courses?

We Answered:

Market on real life.

The clothes that the children wear have been marketed to them but maybe they do not even realise it.

The marketing for accessories like I-pods, digital camera, cars have influenced the children in one way or another, build on it.

Allison Said:

What is the best way to induce viral marketing among the High School student population?

We Answered:

You can make a pumphlet and distribute it among them. Ask some intelligent student of the school to help you in viral marketing.

Oscar Said:

What additional degree do I need, if I already have an MBA, to teach high school students?

We Answered:

You will need a teaching qualification

Daniel Said:

where should i advertise to high school students looking to go into the hospitality field for college?

We Answered:

I'm not sure what geographic area you're located in, but I teach at a vocational high school. There are 17 such schools in my state alone (very small state). Can you send flyers or emails to teachers of local vo-tech high schools that have culinary arts and hospitality as concentrations? I'm sure that would gain you a lot of hits to your site.

Armando Said:

What is the most diffuult target group? Is it high school students?

We Answered:

Not at all.
They are not unique,and easily open to suggestion.

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