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Math For High School Students

Stephen Said:

Why do some High School Students hate Math? They announce their dislike for math as if they are proud of it.?

We Answered:

Just because one says they hate math doesn't mean they mean hate every single bit of it in a literal manner. Not everyones gifted with perfect math skills even with studying. It's not that their "proud" of it, its that they have a hard time understanding it, and in some cases they'll get so frustrated as to just give up and find a career that doesn't take high level math.

Alexander Said:

I want to know if you have to be taskmaster and treat students poorly to teach high school students math.?

We Answered:

The more that a teacher appreciates their students and treats them with respect the better the performance from the students. Often students do not like a new teacher who expects the best from their students. Eventually the students will like that teacher and perform well.

I had one of the best programs in the state I was in when I taught high school but it did not start so well at first. At first some of the students did not like me and made it rough for me until they took the first three places at their first competition. When that happened it was like feeding corn to chickens.

I tend to be an autocratic teacher while others are laissez faire or democratic. I have a friend who is a laissez faire which would not work at all for me. You have to be yourself and not try to be someone you are not. You must lead in a way that is typical of who you are. However laziness should never be allowed to reign. Good teachers expect their students to give their best and help them achieve it by believing in them. Once that happens the climate will dramatically change.

Willie Said:

Which city in Europe could you take high school math students, and what would we do?

We Answered:

Assuming that you wanted to make this historically relevant to what they are studying I would suggest visiting Italy. You could choose Pisa as your destination:

Hope this helps you :)

Brent Said:

What's a good website to learn Math for High School students?

We Answered:

Hi Francisco! I find this site really helpful. You should take a look at it.…

It contains a lot of information about Algebra II topics ranging from solving equations and inequalities to trigonometric identities. It really helped me a lot when I referred to this site during my Algebra II class in high school. I think you will find it very useful. Also, you may want to give this website a look too:…

This website does an excellent job helping me understand Algebra II. It goes into a lot of details. It also gives examples for every single type of topic which makes it worthy of a bookmark at the very least.

If you need assistance with math, you can also message me. Good luck! =)

Daisy Said:

Which city in Europe should I take my high school math students, and what could we do?

We Answered:

I would suggest a birth place of one of the mathematics. Try Greece for geometry..I'm sure there are all sorts of museums dedicated to the art and to it's origins (used to tax farmers). The parthenon is also a mathematical wonder if you consider is architectural dimensions. You could also delve into some astrology as well.

Really, the study of architecture is amazing in any city and can be very math relevant. Especially if you look at the ancient wonders (Roman Coliseum, the aqueducts in Italy)

Goodluck on the class trip

Jeremy Said:

To which European city should I take my high school math students, and what would we do?

We Answered:

London's Westminter Abbey - where Sir Isaac Newton lies in state. Perhaps one of the greatest physicist and mathematician of his age.

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