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Math Games For High School Students

Veronica Said:

Tickets to a recent high school basketball game cost $1.50 for students and $2.50 for adults. 600 tickets were?

We Answered:

Let's Set it up:
X+Y = 600 Tickets, therefore X= 600-Y

$1.50 (X) + $2.50 (Y) = $1020

Replace X with (600-Y) from first equation

($1.50) (600-Y) + $2.50Y = $1020

$900 - $1.50Y + $2.50Y = $1020

$900 + Y = $1020
Y= $1020 - $900
Y = 120

If Y = 120, and if X+Y = 600 --- Then X = 480

So 480 tickets sold at $1.50
and 120 tickets sold at $2.50

Roy Said:

Teachers, do you have any unique ways to review for a test?

We Answered:

Try or both have good ideas. Also you could use flash cards sorta like memory have them match the answer with the problem, or there is a guy that raps math lessons, but I don't remember what website, there are also videos about math concepts like algebra. Hope this helps

Ruben Said:

Any ideas for good review games for students?

We Answered:

I know you mentioned Jeopardy already, but there are a few sites on the internet that allow you to download a PowerPoint Jeopardy program. If you have an Infocus in your classroom, the kids really get into this kind of review. Some of the PP's come with the Jeopardy sounds and everything!

I do a thing called a Waterfall with my kids in math, but it's more for skills related tests. I line the kids up facing eachother in their desks. Let's say it's 7 kids and 7 kids. I make review worksheets with, maybe, 10 problems on each one. I make 7 worksheets. It's technically a game of speed, so it's only sensible for a homogeneous class where no one will be embarrassed by slow processing speed. The first person on each team gets a stack of the 7 worksheets. I set the timer for something like 45 seconds or something. It depends on the worksheet. You click the timer and the first person on each team starts doing the work on the first worksheet. They do as many problems as they can and then you yell "Waterfall" and they give that sheet to the next person in line. They start on the next one, and so forth and so on. When the last person finishes the last sheet, i.e. you yell "time", the team with the most CORRECT answers wins. I give out free homework passes or something like that.

Marie Said:

can anyone pls...pls...recomend a good math project?

We Answered:…
go to this link and in the site search type in "math" or "math project".
Hope this gives you some ideas.

Pearl Said:

Fun classroom games - for math?

We Answered:

This is my favorite site for just about any game.
We use several of the math games.…

Here are some web sites as well.


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