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Medical Camp For High School Students

Mark Said:

Brandeis ED or Holy Cross?

We Answered:

The most important information I can convey is not to attend Holy Cross unless you are admitted to its Health Professions Advisory Program at the same time that you are admitted to the college. Holy Cross students in the program have a very high chance of medical school admission. Holy Cross students who are not in the program have a relatively low chance of medical school admission as most medical schools want to accept only those Holy Cross students who were in the program.

I do not believe that a helpful distinction can be made between Holy Cross and Brandeis as to which will be easier for admission for you. The differences in their admission statistics are too small to be significant. Both schools are a bit of a reach for you as your SAT I score appears to be below their 50th percentile.

It is not realistic to plan to attend a certain medical school. Most pre-med students apply to at least ten and feel fortunate to be admitted to one.

The most important thing that you can do now, if you have not already done so, is also to apply to two safety school where you have a better chance of admission. I suggest Northeastern. I also suggest University of Massachusetts-Amherst where you will have an almost certain chance of admission.

I am sorry if this answer seems somewhat strict, but it is very important to be realistic about the competition for admission to Holy Cross, Brandeis, and even Northeastern. More than half of the applicants for Holy Cross and Brandeis will have stronger records than yours, particularly on both the SAT I and the SAT II. I have taken your dual enrollment into consideration.

Your chance of admission to Holy Cross may be higher if you do not submit your SAT scores as they are not required by Holy Cross.

I hope that at least some of my ideas will be helpful to you.

Kyle Said:

How would you write this in your own words? Reply ASAP?

We Answered:

Chez Stanford, Jemison a poursuivi un principal duel et dans 1977 a reçu un B.S. en génie chimique et un B.A. dans des études d'Africain et d'Afro-Américain. Car elle avait été dans le lycée, Jemison était très impliqué dans des activités hors programme comprenant des productions de danse et de théâtre, et servi de tête de l'union d'étudiant noire. Sur le repére, elle est entrée à l'université médicale d'Université de Cornell pour travailler vers un degré médical. Pendant ses années là, elle a trouvé le temps au xpand ses horizons par la visite et l'étude au Cuba et au Kenya et le travail à un camp cambodgien de rfugee en Thaïlande. Quand elle a obtenu son M.D. en 1981, elle a interné au centre médical du comté/Université de Californie du Sud de Los Angeles et plus tard a travaillé comme pactitioner général. Pour les deux prochains et une moitié d'années, elle était le médecin conseil de corps de paix de secteur pour le Sierra Leone et le Libéria où elle a également enseigné et a fait la recherche médicale. Suivant son retour vers les Etats-Unis en 1985, elle a fait un changement de carrière et décidee pour suivre un rêve qu'elle avait consolidé pendant longtemps. En octobre de cette année elle a sollicité l'admission au programme de formation de l'astronaute de la NASA. Le désastre de provocateur du janvier 1986 a retardé le processus de sélection, mais quand elle a réappliqué un an après, Jemison était l'un des 15 candidats choisis d'un champ environ de 2.000.

Leonard Said:

Over-Seas Engagement: Can one be engaged and underage? I think i might be.....?

We Answered:

Do you feel like you have wild oats or that you should have them? Some people just don't have them. Are they normal? yes. If you love her then do what you feel is right. Men in our society are often pressured into being with many women and that makes me so sad. My fiancé was 22 before he lost his virginity... to me. We've only been with each other. I have nothing to base this on, but I feel like it's connected us in a more intimate way. It's nice to know that he hasn't been with a lot of girls. Could he have been? Was he pressured to by his friends? Yes. But I'm so thankful he wasn't. You ask the question "Is a lack of sexual experience an issue down the road or is it a good thing?" I don't think that it's the lack of experience because you can only have had one partner and had experience. What I feel like you're asking is the lack of partners disabling, no. Why does a person have to be with many partners to be 'experienced'. You don't love all those people, it's experiencing things with the person you love that makes it matter.

I've chosen to marry young, at this point I don't regret it. Will I never regret it, I don't know as I can't tell the future. I love him, he loves me, we're ready that's all there is to it. For me, getting married at 20 was just a natural step... my age never was a thought. it was like getting a sip of water when you're thirsty, it was a natural movement like that.

There is a moment when a male becomes a man... I'd venture to say it's not once thing that makes him a man. It's upbringing, it's character, knowledge, etc. Sex DEFINITELY doesn't make a man, I've seen a lot of little boys get girls pregnant.

Your father sounds like an a** to me and your mom must be a saint or a push over to put up with it.

Don't follow your penis, it'll only lead to trouble. Follow you're heart. If you truly love her. If you don't then for God's sake please don't get married. Maybe you should wait until she gets back... take time to be together. When is she coming back to the states? Take a year to get to know each other again then the next year for planning.

Your wife should be your best friend, the other half that makes you whole.

You never really mention truly loving her. It'll hurt her and her family if you break up with her... Will it hurt you? When you imagine yourself 70 years old do you imagine this woman with you? Why did you propose? If she wrote you a "Dear John" letter tomorrow... What would you feel? Relief? Sadness?

Good Luck and God Bless your fiancee.

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