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Medical Camps For High School Students

Julia Said:

Hi...need advices on which college I should attain...?

We Answered:

First of all, wherever you apply, clean up your spelling and communication. No matter your GPA, no decent school will accept you with words like "ma" and "skul" and "Im". And don't tell them about extra "curricula" activities, they are "extra-curricular" activities.

Anyway, college isn't nearly the difficult decision as some people make it out to be.

First, pick at least one Ivy League school to apply to. If they accept you, go there. They will most likely help you generously with financial aid, and any debt you incur will be worth it. IF you get into an Ivy do not pass up that opportunity.

Now, if you don't get into an Ivy, it's still an easy choice. Do you (or your parents) have tons of money to spend on your college education? If so, try to get into the school with the best program for what you want to study.

If you and your parents do NOT have a ton of money, then eliminate all private schools from your list and go to a state school. Apply to the best state school in your state (UT in your case) and a couple other "backup" state schools. Also consider some Catholic/Christian schools because they MAY be a good value, but don't pay more for them than you would for state school.

State schools are the best value for the money. They offer the best education for your dollar, hands down. Easy. 'Nuff said. The only reasons to spend more are:
1) An Ivy League school, because this will pay you back in the future no matter how much it cost in the first place, and
2) You and your parents are filthy rich and can afford to send you anywhere you want to go so you just pick whatever school you want.

If neither of those conditions applies, your best bet no doubt is a state school. In your own state you get a resident rate that is unbeatable, but even if you went to a good state school out of state you will find much better schools that STILL cost less, even with out-of-state tuition, than private and most Catholic/Christian schools. There are "public Ivies" like Michigan, UC Berkeley, UNC, Rutgers, etc. that are top notch schools education-wise and cost hardly anything compared to any private school, most of which are inferior in education and facilities.

So it's that simple. Ivy, and if not, "public ivy" state school, and if not that then ANY state school. Private and Catholic/Christian schools are an option only if you're filthy rich and loaded and don't care about anything except picking the school you "like" the most, so you then just take your pick.

Donald Said:

Will I be able to get into Berkeley?

We Answered:

hi cal hopeful. to add to the list of things you will need is some IB/AP classes and actually pass the test. clubs are good but you have to have leadership positions, the more important the better. So dont just join and say ur a member, u have to show you are genuinely interested and it is important to your life (which you will mention in your essay). and rugby club? better to join the rugby team if there is one or join a league not funded by the school. and CSF is good to have but its no big deal, because lots and lots of people have that.

but those are all Extra cirs. it really all boils down to:

ex - i was not in a sport, joined 2-3 clubs not a officer in any, barely any CS. but i was commited to a particular cause and i expressed that in my essays and the typical Cal grades and Sat scores

Kathryn Said:

POLL: What are your summer plans?

We Answered:

I'm going to camp for a week, going on a missions trip, playing soccer & volleyball, and a bunch of other stuff i can't think of.

Annette Said:

straight A high school student, make her go to medical camp? She doesn't think she will be smart enough. Shy.?

We Answered:

I wouldn't push her into it. These medical camps are not a 'make or break' scenario for getting into a medical school.

Instead, allow your daughter to gain her self-confidence as most people do--go off to college and learn to socialize with people from various backgrounds and cultures. If her interest in medicine is sustained all opportunities remain before her. If her interest changes, which it may very well do once she is exposed to what college offers, she can pursue that without regrets.

Herbert Said:

i want to be a nurse! but i need help!!!?

We Answered:

I would contact your local community college and find out if you might be offered financial aid for the program. But specifically talk to the nursing adviser. I doubt if going to a camp will allow for credits and certainly not certification. I suggest you go right into a CNA program. It takes one term to complete a CNA I course and you will be prepared to take a state board exam if you want to be certified. The course will teach you and prepare you for that. You will be able to work with people in a health care setting, and at the same time it will allow experience if you would like to continue your education towards an RN, perhaps.

I don't know what your financial situation is, or if you'd be qualified for pell grants or student loans. But you need to apply. You can also talk to an adviser about financial aid. This will allow you to see realistically where you are able to go from there. If you want to be a nurse, you need to know what it will take to get there and there are people who will sit down and tell you. If you really want to get into this profession or something like it, you will. But be resourceful and start by contacting an adviser at your local community college. That's where I would go.

Sonia Said:

I am going to be a senior in high school and I want help in picking a career, can you guys help me?

We Answered:


I was 16 when I faced the dilemma of what to do.Not trying to depress you by telling you it will take 25 years to figure out what you want to do. I am 43 now & discovered what I what to do for the rest of my life 3 years ago. I have gone back to school 18 months ago to pursue a degree in Health Information Technology. I love healthcare. But I am also interested in green technology. It's revolutionary, but Healthcare will mean a steady paycheck until the dust in green technology settles. My next career in 10 or 20 years may be something in the green industry.

Now to answer your question somewhat. YOU have to figure out what makes you happy. If you are unhappy working at something, there's 2 choices, find something else or stay unhappy. If you stay unhappily working, it will eventually affect all parts of your life, not the least of which is your physical & mental health.

You should try out a football league to see if the experience is something you like.

There are many fields in engineering, from nantotechnology (atomic size) to civil engineering that builds huge structures.

As for being a doctor or lawyer, education is a huge investment which will have to be considered. Consider interning at a lawyer's or doctor's office & see what the day is like. Same with Business/CEO. Then do an informational interview with them & find out what they like or don't like. B is not that bad for anatomy. There is a lot of school work. Is your parents willing to fund your entire medical education? I have friends who graduate out of med schoold with $150,000 in student loan debts just for a primary care doctor's degree. If you go into a specialty, it could double that figure. But don't do something to make someone else happy, you need to do it for yourself.

The one thing that stands out from your list is that you love traveling, you don't have to be a commercial pilot to travel. There are many careers that includes travel. My opinion, for what is worth, is to explore careers with travel in it. Next time you go flying, talk to some people around you on the plane or in the airport & find out what they do. If they are on a business trip, ask them what it's like. I think a good well rounded first step is major in business, it's in everything.

My best advice for you is whatever you decide, you may not do or want to do for the rest of your life. So as you learn more, you may want to do something different. The world has changed, in my opinion, significantly in the last 10 to 20 years. I have no reason to think it will not continue to change. 20 years ago, internet, computers weren't everyday household items. The iPod wasn't around 5 years ago. So who knows what the future will have in store for you.

Most people have a house & car wherever they live. Except in California where I live, it's much harder to get those since it is so expensive to live here. Any of the above careers will probably enable you to get a house & car. But one question, if you travel all the time, why have a house or a car ?

Hope this helps


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