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Medical Summer Camps For High School Students

Victoria Said:

Do I have a chance at any of the Ivy League Colleges?? Please look?

We Answered:

Your GPA is outstanding but your SAT scores seem quite low for Ivy League colleges. I suggest looking into some of the elite colleges that are SAT optional like Bowdoin, Wake Forest, College of the Holy Cross.

Kathryn Said:

Am I destined to remain lame the rest of my life? (LONG)?

We Answered:

You know, our stories aren;t all that different. I, too, choose not to do some things and did have some trouble making friends in high school/starting college. Ultimately I decided I would surround myself with people who understand my life choices and support them, even if they don't agree. I have friends who drink/smoke and curse, and they appreciate that I don't. In reality, I don't think you're lame to begin with. If you are looking to have more friends I would suggest a campus group. You mentioned your family is very traditional Catholic. If you are, also, maybe a church group or missions work through the church? By and large I find people who have similar values as I do often want to give back to the community, so that could be a starting point.

I hope things get better!

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