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Medical Summer Programs For High School Students

Mildred Said:

What Good Medical Schools/7 Year Med Programs Can I Get Into (10 Points)?

We Answered:

whoa bro.

well idk of any 7yr programs, BUT USC (Southern California) has a medical contract that says if you apply for the program, you have automatic admission into USC medical school (39th best medical school in America)

Thats all I can think of. I personally think you are qualified for Ivy League schools, but of course anything goes.. I DO think you have a solid shot at Cornell University.

Philip Said:

What should I wear for an interview that will get me an apprenticeship at a University for the summer.?

We Answered:

I think that for interviews like this, you should wear something that makes you look clean and presentable but not too over dressed (lol suit). Probably a long sleeved shirt with a tie and slacks. Also remember to wear colors that are pleasing to the eye (pastel colors mostly:: color+white = pastel). Don't wear goofy ties or bright colors as it might turn off your interviewer. Good Luck!

Anita Said:

How should I ask this?

We Answered:

Dr. ______, do you think maybe this summer I could shadow you?
Do you know of any medical camps or classes I could take?

Cody Said:

internships for high school students? how to get one?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

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