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Mentoring High School Students

Jennifer Said:

I have a college degree and want to become a high school art teacher. What should I do now?

We Answered:

It depends on the state where you live. In Texas, you would need to enroll in a certification program and you could begin teaching next year with a one-year probationary certificate.

I would contact your state department of education about certification programs in art.

Joy Said:

Career advice (for a high school student)?

We Answered:

If the student you're mentoring is looking to become a firefighter, there are fire fighter schools, just be careful because that can put him in a tough spot.

At age 14, it isn't essential to choose a career for the rest of your life. A liberal arts school with a ton of majors might be a good spot for him. If he's looking to play sports in college, a good start might be for some advice about choosing a school, and also the four p's of picking a college are explained.

Hope this helps.

Bryan Said:

I need help with starting a mentoring/job program!!! please help??

We Answered:

Ours was based around a local community college. Call them up and set up will be your best bet.

Tony Said:

If you were mentoring a high school student would you try to impose your religious views on them?

We Answered:

It's pretty sickening how some people specifically target emotionally vulnerable high schoolers and college kids for conversion.

Organizations that do this include Campus Crusade and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship--and they are evil!

Honestly, I have seen a lot of them, and they are pretty darned bad.

Naomi Said:

I am wanting to start a mentoring program with high school students, how do I go about doing that?

We Answered:

There are some books on the subject that give ideas for starting discussions on important topics for teens. It is hard for a mentor to go into a room of teens he/she doesn't know and just say "ok, lets talk about drugs or sex". It is best if you have small groups. It might be easiest to have boys and girls separate and placed with a mentor of the same gender because they might not feel comfortable discussing certain things with members of the opposite sex.
The point of mentoring is to give high school kids a responsible adult other than a parent who can give them advice and listen to them. For some students, this helps them not make bad decisions because someone is holding them accountable and telling them what the consequences will be.
If you are going to start a program, you will need to get permission from the school principal. All the mentors will need to have background checks. You should hold a training class for the mentors. A lot of adults are actually scared to be put in charge of a group of teens, and they need to be told how to handle them and how to talk to them. You will be able to tell more what your program will be like once you have the mentors chosen. If you don't have a lot, you may have to limit which students get to meet with mentors. If so, the counselor can give you a list of students she feels would benefit most from a mentor (often these are students who have repeated a grade or who do not have a responsible parent around, or who have started down the wrong path and need someone to help turn them around).
Good luck with your mentoring program!

Dana Said:

Catchy High school club names?

We Answered:

Project Positive

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