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Mission Trips For High School Students

Keith Said:

specific ideas to make my high school resume stand apart?

We Answered:

well if you want to start a club, why not start one with something your are interested in?

My friend is a vegan and an animal activist. She started a club in which every month or she'd get information out about stuff she believed in. She also talked about alternative ways of cooking, including veganism and vegatarianism as well as set up volunteer days at animal shelters and fund raisers

if you want to, a volunteer group would be a solid start. Look up places in your community that need volunteers and get together maybe once a month or so and go for it.

anything works, just make sure to outline your goals and make sure to not forget about your club. that seems to be a plague of many clubs in my school atleast.

Sam Said:

I want to do mission work in a different country?

We Answered:

I belong to some civic organizations. In one org we do, from time to time, medical and dental missions. In another, we try helping the natives or what they call as indigenous peoples. In another, we do outreach programs.

Pardon me, but your answer looks like groping about or wanting to contribute for something, yet you have not still defined it exactly. So, what is it you really want to do?

We are here in Butuan City, Philippines and on some cases do receive people who have the same passion such as ours. So how do we strike a chord of good chemistry? Please introduce yourself more in case you are that serious.

Andre Said:

Mexico Mission Trip--Looking for team name in spanish.?

We Answered:

How about "Los constructores del Señor" meaning The Lord builders or "Construimos con amor" meaning we build with love.
Thanks for helping people in my country. God bless.

Armando Said:

Does anyone know any businesses/coporations that will sponsor a mission trip?

We Answered:

If it's a mission thing, try to get religious companies help you out. Of course you can have fun raisers such as:

a fashion show - have guys dress in dresses and girls in tuxes.
flea market
pet fashion show - dress up the pets

and a bunch others.
My choir does a haunted house and we do it for 2 days and get over a thousand people a night.

Greg Said:

Mission trips to Asia?

We Answered:

There are several agencies that offer short term volunteer trips. You do have to pay for their service, but this fee is mostly for your food and lodging as well as project costs. The fees do not include airfare or spending money for yourself. If I were you I would start fundraising projects to help with the costs.

Stacey Said:

Anybody feel they can not take as many classes as they would like to in High School?

We Answered:

Honestly, I hate how High School limits the amount of courses you can take. Especially when colleges allow you to take as many as you want. I'm currently a Junior and will be a Senior in September. I've always been motivated for school while others took the basics to graduate and "get it over with". I want/plan to attend college (Undergraduate) and Graduate School. Because of the courses I'm going to take I miss out on any other courses I'd like to take such as: Physics, Calculus, Spanish 3,4. I wish they offered Psychology in my school. I'm not much of a sports person because of my knee so luckily its not a requirement. My schedule for next year is :

1. AP Biology & Lab. (SUPA not available)
2. Anatomy & Physiology Honors. (AP not available)
3. SUPA American History 101 and 102.(Dual Enrollment at HS & Syracuse University)
4. SUPA Sociology. (Dual Enrollment at HS & Syracuse University)
5. Trigonometry & Advanced Algebra.
6. English 12 other known as 4.
7. Health
8. Lunch

Note: SUPA are almost identical to AP Classes. BUT they are offered from Syracuse University Project Advanced. Which means I'll be dual enrolled in SYU and HS but taking the courses at my High School. I receive college Credit for the classes since they ARE the college courses.

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