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Mit Summer Programs For High School Students

April Said:

summer programs for universities?

We Answered:

Abbey Road Programs offers a session through Emerson that runs July 25 - August 7.
You can check out the program at
and their general website is just

Good luck!

William Said:

Can I get into MIT, Cornell, NYU, U. Penn, Carnegie Mellon, Emory, U.C. Berkeley, or U. of Michigan ann arbor?

We Answered:

Those are some pretty tough schools but you seem qualified. The schools you apply to will see that you are a foreign exchange student, and your SAT critical reading + writing won't matter as much (considering your math score). NYU and U Michigan seem like your best shots, but I would definately apply to all of those schools

Mary Said:

Look more money for school?

We Answered:, google it...All of these can help you find scholarships and grants. I would also suggest looking for loans and federal and state grants. I must also warn you that internships are extremely competitive, make sure you are worth everything you say you are. So keep your options open and apply to as many places as possible.


Lewis Said:

What are my chances of getting into MIT?

We Answered:

You are doing very well and if you continue to do as well and score high in your SAT and SAT subject tests you have a very good chance for admission./

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