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Motivating High School Students

Ronnie Said:

What are High School Students doing to motivate the changes in gay rights?

We Answered:

well here in canada we have gay-lesbien alliances, youth contigents in pride parades, and the like. much of the groups relating to gay pride are personal here though, such as a someone with expeirence with the matter at your school to talk to, or a group of freinds that go to pride parades together. it is hard to come out of the closet sometimes, I mean I'm jewish... homosexuality is punishable by death according to jewish law. but the younger generation are doing their part to make the world a little less homophobic.

Jeff Said:

how can i motivate high school students in to paying their class dues?

We Answered:

i could get Vito to lean on them a little , for a modest fee .

Ellen Said:

what are some ways to motivate high school students ?

We Answered:

Technically, one can not motivate another. Motivation comes from within. You can place indicators in place that will cause someone to do things to "avoid" a negative situation. Don't use candy, that cost you money and won't be a positive reinforcement. Simply come up with an idea that will make them feel it is the right thing to do. Perhaps have them do so over time so it doesn't hurt all at once. Try this link for other ideas:

Marcia Said:

Does working part-time have a negative or positive effect on high-school students?

We Answered:

it does truly depend on the teen and the job. i really wanted to get a job, it had always been my dream to work at kroger (where my mom worked) so at 15 I got a job there. beforehand i had worked at the dance studio i took lessons at, and continued to do this while at kroger. so i held two part-time jobs while in high school. it definately showed responsibilty; however, i somtimes had a hard time getting homework done because once you finish with all that activity you are rather tired, but i managed to get through. i then went on to college 2 years early doing post-secondary at Ohio State, which made it harder to work 2 jobs, but I managed that also. When i was 15 it was about having spending money and feeling like I had a place in the world with working/paying taxes. When I was 16 it was about having the money to maintain my car and all the activities i could do now because i could drive. my mom often complained that i was never home, but i think that had more to do with the license and less to do with the job, except now i could lie to her about being at work, when i really wasn't (and as a teenager i did on occasion). it narrowed down my time to hang out with my friends (none of whom had jobs until graduation). It really did encourage responsiblity, and helped me to gain my independance (by the time i moved out i was making enough to support myself because of the promotions and raises i had gotten over 3 years). and for the parents, i'm sure it is scary, but it is probably nice to see your child grow up and realize that you are the reason that they are mature and have a job.

Tiffany Said:

What are some ways to motivate high school students?

We Answered:

It is not always a feasible solution, but some sort of rewards system may help. People are motivated by prizes, and I have found this to be especially true of high school students. What about a gift certificate for the person who is most consistently on time with their articles? It wouldn't have to be much - something like a Blockbuster gift card for the cost of a movie.

(Yahoo! Answers understands the response that you'll get when people think they're earning things - our points system doesn't get you anything, but people compete for points! Try to find something like that.)

Good luck...

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