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Motivational Speakers For High School Students

Deborah Said:

Survivor: Costa Rica (Episode 1)?

We Answered:

Sorry I missed the Reunion of TandT.
Katielee, Erica, Zac and Jazz talk about C.J. They talk about Henry. They know that it would be smart to keep C.J., but their young. Plus Cierra and Coletyn are voting for C.J. So C.J. gets voted off by a 6-1-1 vote. C.J. votes for Henry and Henry votes for Katielee.

Angela Said:

About a college resume being one on?

We Answered:

I think the one page resume rule is outdated - go for two pages

Nelson Said:

Professional Enough or Not?

We Answered:

The content is fine but I'd suggest you do a thorough grammar check and fix up your commas. Also, Humanitarian Student of the Year should have capitals if it is the title of an award. You are forgetting to write 'Lisa's' (instead of 'Lisa') in a few places too...fix this up as it will make a better impression. Eg: "Lisa's plans are to..."

Change the lllooooottts to lots (italicised or underlined)... a little more formal... In fact, I don't know if it is such a good idea (if this is for an application) to mention that you're after the big bucks. Put a bit more emphasis on the 'helping people' part.

The second last sentence is incomplete: "When Lisa is not studying, doing community service, running or shopping...(she is doing ...).

Love the last sentence, punchy and powerful! I hope you do make a difference :)

Hope this helps!

Viola Said:

Any tips or answer as to how to start off as a motivational speaker for teens? Such as classes in college.?

We Answered:


Rose Said:

Hello I'm wondering what degree I'd be best suited for, for helping out people with disabilities....?

We Answered:

A degree in Human Services with a Specialty in Disability Services would go a long way to help you achieve your goal.
My wife, who is blind, is currently in her 2nd year of a four-year degree program in Human Services. She is attending our local Community College, which is aligned with the State University in a credit transfer program, so she gets the best education at the best rates, but is still accredited as a University level degree program. See if your local Community College has a program such as this. Also, for your practicum experience, see if there is a Center For Independent Living (normally called CIL's) nearby. That is a great way to gain experience and see the real-world aspect of dealing with folks who have disabilities on an every day basis. My wife works at a CIL in addition to her classes, so she is getting both the practical real-world experiences as well as the classromm instruction.

You show a lot of Honor, Courage and Integrity in wanting to give your talents in service to those who sometimes need a little extra help through no fault of their own. With an attitude such as you have.......the sky is the limit.

Kirk Said:

When Jesus comes back will he take up Carpentry again? I'm guessing he would want to be self employed?

We Answered:

Clearly he would have to work for himself

I mean what sort of references would he have ?

Uh Jesus we called the holy spirit and he/she said you haven't been employed for 2,000 yrs or more and uh sorry but you can't put down "dad" as a reference here

Also we understand that you had a little episode of practicing medicine without a licence - Can you elaborate on that a bit for us - I mean we can't have that sort of thing going on here - think of the insurance premiums

Speaking of which we would like to know if your going to just work here the 3 months die and reserect yourself just to claim the death benifits -- uh we feel a little uncomfortable with this as you do have a history of dieing

As to the skills section here - Uh you put down turning water into wine and forgiving prostitutes - I mean thats nice and all but we simply don't have a lot of call for that sort of thing here at the "mega consortium of carpenty and associates "

We really do want to hire you and all but - uh there is this little thing about the beard and hair -how do you feel about wearing a cover for that it is rather unsightly and liable to offend the clients -


Clearly he would have to be self employed

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