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Music Summer Programs For High School Students

Sandra Said:

Summer music programs abroad for high school students?

We Answered:

Hi Gracie...what kind of music are you interested in? I did a marketing program abroad through Leave UR Mark which basically does custom made programs for students. It's super cheap and you can let them know your interests and they will find you a guaranteed placement. It's located in India so you can do tons of things like classical Indian music, Bollywood music, etc. My program ended up being around $1,400 for one month which included my room and board, food, and airport pickup, orientation, etc. You can email them at or check out some of their other programs at Good luck!

Michael Said:

Are there any programs/schools for high school students to learn about music recording and production.?

We Answered:

Kinda late to enroll now, isn't it?

Guy Said:

Are there any gifted programs for 17-year olds? I know it's a long shot, but do any exist?

We Answered:

Duke University's Talent Identification Program, or TIP, offers a lot for gifted youth, including information on other academic and enrichment programs for the highly gifted. Google them and check it out.

Jeff Said:

help revising financial assistance letter?

We Answered:


I like what you're written, and though I don't know the criteria that this organization uses to make financial aid decisions, I think that the SAR and your parents' tax return statement should certainly satisfy their need for documentation.

If I could encourage you to do one thing, it would be to target your letter a little more specifically. Tell this organization why you so very much want to participate in THEIR program. I presume that this is exactly the program that you're looking for - so tell them why. If this is the only program that you're applying to, make sure you tell them that, too. I'd also like to see you talk more about your personal talent and experience. If you're second-tier now, but hope to be first tier by virtue of your commitment to this type of optional educational opportunity, tell the reader(s) how much that will mean to you. If you're already a star performer, hey - you're just the person they're looking for, so tell them how talented you are.

When you apply for a job, you should do your homework, so that you can demonstrate your familiarity with the company and its products or services - when you apply to participate in a program, you should do the same. Talk about specific aspects of the program that appeal to you, and give yourself a brief promo, telling the organization why you're just the kind of person they hope to attract.

Good luck to you - I hope this helps!

Dolores Said:

Best way to be involved in high school...?

We Answered:

my advice is to join clubs, sports or other after school activities that you would enjoy.. it's a great way to meet people, as well as keeps you active. being involved with clubs and other activities certainly has made my high school career great! I've never played soccer but I'd bet that running would be a great way to get in shape, as I know at least at my school ppl have to run A LOT for soccer

Sean Said:

Summer music progam..?

We Answered:

GRAMMYInTheSchools - GRAMMY Foundation

Signature Music Camp at Ithaca College (NY)

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