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Must High School

Marcia Said:

What things are must haves for high school?

We Answered:

Freshman. Aww I remeber that year. Yep.

But ok.

You'll def. need a cell phone. If you dont have one you will miss out on all the forwarded text messages and the answers to question numbers 1-10 lol. What? Im forreal they come in handy even if you dont want the answers some one will forward them. hehe.

&& Also just incase you miss your bus.

Clothing. Must haves. Like trends?

Well if you want trends just visit my blog:

&& yeah not so girly huh? punk rock. Well you will def. need MP3 when you get bored during lunch or in P.E. Top it with your favorite songs and it should keep you awake when in the lame classes.

Accesories: Necklaces, Bracelets and Oh you should def. have a variety of earrings.

Shoes: Of course converses and some good tennis shoes like forces nikes. Ect. Because if you do have P.E you can be wearing converses on the gym floor. I got in trouble for that numerous of times.

Gym clothes.

Extra Lunch money for food or snacks they will have snack machines you never know when you will have the munchies.

You should have paper and pencil like duh. Lol no kidding some kids seriously dont have that. A bookbag. idc if you do have a tote youll neeed a bookbag for the extra books. U wont really need all the markers and glue and stuff like Middle or Elem.

Allison Said:

What courses must I take in High School to be able to go into law school?

We Answered:

Communication classes are top, then english or history would be my recommendations. so classes like speech, and classes emphasized in reading, and strong history classes. shows you can talk and research well. and as far as i would understand you really can't get a masters degree in Law. you just go for the Law degree, kinda like to be a doctor. You have your first couple years of basic pre major classes then you apply for the school of law that will last most likely another 3 - 4 years. but i could be wrong

Francisco Said:

Must High school Help?

We Answered:

These websites might be helpful:……

Two online high school programs that are legitimate are operated by Indiana University and Brigham Young University.

Mike Said:

What grade, in high school, must i be to appy for a type 1 ROTC scholership?

We Answered:

That is not true at all! However, if you are going to go to college for the 2009-2010 school year, then you already missed the deadline for applying as it ended 10 Jan 2009. The application for the 2010-2011 school year began on 01 February 2009.

Sue Said:

Where is Must High School located?

We Answered:

“Hi, MUST High School doesn’t have any fixed log-in times, you can log into your student area 24/7. Just ask your own counselor or see the demo in your student area it’ll explain everything.

Anyhow - If you are a student you can log-in whenever you want and study from where-ever you want, I do. And you can even set a best time for your counselor to call you, depending on where you are because it’s an international school and has students in many different countries.”

Brittany Said:

Is Must High School a legit school? thanks?

We Answered:

I would have some questions about them. They claim to have accreditation through International Accreditation Organization which doesn't seem to appear on any lists of Nationally Recognized accreditation organizations.

The other issue is the website for the International accreditation Organization states the following: We offer accreditation to institutions involved in working-adult education.

I am guessing that any education under adult level would not be accredited at all, if they offer accreditation only to institutions involved in working adult education.

Rene Said:

Why is gym a must class in high school to be able to graduate?

We Answered:

50% of Americas youth is OVERWEIGHT.....ENOUGH SAID!!!

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