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Night Classes For High School Students

Morris Said:

Dance Icebreakers for high school students (females...small group 7-9 ppl)?

We Answered:

Some sort of improve game would be good, like breaking the girls into groups, each group is given a card with and adjective or short story on it, they make up a short dance and then share with the class and the other groups guess. (groups of 2 or 3 usually work best)

Good Luck!

Timothy Said:

Do high school students get forced to read MADAME BOVARY (by G. Flaubert)?

We Answered:

No, I read it on my own time. In 11th grade, the only required book was The Scarlet Letter. In 12th grade I wanted to take AP English, and had already started reading the required books(Tess of the D'Urbervilles, Crime and Punishment), but was told the class was full. A lot of my friends were in AP though and I remember them also having to read The Awakening. I was put in Honors English 12 instead and we had to read Pride and Prejudice, The Mayor of Casterbridge, Frankenstein, and Pygmalion. The last book was 1984 but we never got around to it.

Kathleen Said:

How many credits are needed to graduate from high school in NYC?

We Answered:

I am in the situation as you. i have 43 credits and i just i need 1 more F-ing credit to graduate this January and i hope i start college by the end of this month. I took the same class last summer school and i cannot believe my teacher did not pass me i was so happy thinking that i was finally going to graduate in August of 2009 and once i found out that i needed 1 more class or credit to graduate i really lost hope of graduating. Please let me graduate this January. So yeah you need 44 credits plus 5 regents exams i think or 4 regents can't remember. If you study hard from now on until Jan 20 id say you can pass your other classes and graduate in January. Best of luck to you. So what college are you planning on going to??? Well peace. anymore questions just ask me :)

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