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Night School For High School Students

Dora Said:

What can we do to stop the late night noise from partying high school students?

We Answered:

The last apartment I lived in was on the second floor of the three story walk up. The third floor apartment was clearly occupied by elephants with a bass habit, a hearing problem and an interest in late night HBO shows.

The first couple of times we spoke to them directly. The first time, they cranked it down for a couple hours, then apparently the youngest elephant spent the rest of the day stomping in revenge.

The second time, the elephant answering the door was not inclined to lower the volume below Window Vibrating from Earth Shattering.

The next three calls went to the management office. The last call went like this:

"Hi... I'm in apartment 202 calling about the noise in apartment 302. Yes I've called every week. I can still hear their TV better than mine. Look, here's the thing... I'm going to start calling the police now. I will call the police every day until it stops. The cops will be in front of your apartment complex every day and night, which will suck for signing up new tenants. Please make it stop. "

They didn't do it again. They moved out the next month.

The kids clearly don't care. You have asked them to stop, and they won't. This makes them a nuisance. Either live with not sleeping Friday nights til May , or call the police religiously until it stops.

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