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Night Schools For High School Students

Enrique Said:

who know manhattan comprehensive day and night High School?

We Answered:

School should be looking for good's school
You say's I have never heard of the school

Dwight Said:

Do the high school students really thirst for broken like movie "American pie " in real world?

We Answered:

i remember that movie if your asking do american students really act like that i would say no that movie was just a comedy most students do have a lot of sex in high school and stuff but no high school out here isn't really like that

Christine Said:

Where can I take a group of high school students for a fun yet safe nighttime teen experience in Paris?

We Answered:

Given that the legal drinking age is 16 and, as a practical matter, they are very lax about checking IDs you may find that taking them to a club requires you to keep a very watchful eye.

May I suggest an alternative to a dance club?

Every Friday night inline skaters take to the streets of Paris. What is now called "Le Friday Night Fever" has grown from a few dozen skaters to about 5,000.

These skate meetings are only cancelled when it's raining. An escort of around two dozen police, some on skates, accompany the route to stop and divert traffic, and also around 50 officials who organise the skate and wear yellow T-shirts, carry and administer first aid and assist the police with traffic control.

No reservations are required. You just show up with your skates at the Place d'Italie at 10 and off you go.

Your kids will have a unique adventure, get to meet and interact with local people of their own age, and see Paris from a perspective that few tourists do.

Victor Said:

High School Student. I can't get to sleep at night, need help.?

We Answered:

I'm a senior in high school and facing the same problem. There are many things that I've tried that work at different times. Start at the beginning of the list for the least drastic ways to get to sleep.

- Chamomile tea, it relaxes the body.
- Make sure your room is completely black, including covering up all small lights.
- Fall asleep to white noise (for example a cd of the sound of the ocean put on extremely low)
- Keep on having a hot shower or bath before bed because not only will it relax you, it heats up your body temperature which also causes you to have a better sleep.
- Avoid the hot chocolate.
- Try having a carbohydrate based snack about an hour before bed. Don't eat closer than an hour before bed because your body needs to time to digest the food.
- Try about half an hour of light exercise up to an hour before bed.
- Do not watch TV or go on your computer closer than an hour before you go to bed.
(Notice the importance of winding down in that last hour up until you sleep, have a bath/shower, read a book, listen to your iPod.)
- Try warm milk. Cliche, but it does work.
Try tablets -
- Melatonin tablets are natural supplements that induce sleepiness. You do not need a prescription.
- Natural sleeping tablets. Again, no prescription.
- Prescription sleeping tablets. (This is the stage that I'm at.)

Tips for Staying Awake -
- Coffee/Caffeinated Drinks.
- Move around, don't lay in bed. If you are sitting, take breaks and walk around for 20 seconds.
- Eat light snacks.
- Keep the room you are in bright and cool.

Naomi Said:

Question for high school and university students- What time do you sleep at night on schooldays on average?

We Answered:

year 10; 10:30-11:30 pm

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