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Nursing Camps For High School Students

Alvin Said:

What are my chances in getting into a GOOD college?

We Answered:

You have an excellent chance of admission if you have good board scores. You can certainly get into Hunter College (probably the best four-year college of the City University of NY (CUNY).

May I politely suggest that you improve your proof reading skills. Be careful to capitalize all "I"s when you are using the letter as a personal pronoun and to use periods at the end of all sentences and at the end of all of those abbreviations which require periods. Your question is generally well written. Good luck.

Darlene Said:

When writting a resumé for the the college admissions process, should I included small summaries of activity?

We Answered:

it's all kind of jumbled together. but maybe it looks better on paper instead of in these columns. I wouldn't add what each is. Most are self explanatory. If anything, you could write positions held in each if there were any.

Katie Said:

Does my family have the right to tell me if I can or can't work?

We Answered:

Visit for this, the answer is there.

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I also wanted to get admission in nursing school after completing my school. But I got married yes suddenly some boy who was in my school start liking me and then we got married and now I am the mother of two babies still I miss that chance to do studying in Nursing school as I really want to.

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