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Nyc Jobs For High School Students

Ellen Said:

Why do people say that there is racial inequality in education (high school mainly)?

We Answered:

I see your point and I have to agree. I go to a school with no sports team, no school trips, no textbooks for most higher up maths, and no teachers. Yet plenty of us succeed because we teach ourselves. If you can teach yourself you'll never have to worry about how poor or pathetic your school is

Shawn Said:

High School student moving form New York to Europe?

We Answered:

Well i moved from western europe to NY and i have beem here for a long time, i knew that if i went to school in europe it would be much harder for me because i am so used to my life here. if you like going to school in NY, and you are confused, try going to europe during the summer and see if you feel comfortable there, if you do, move if you don't you can always come back to NY =]

Paul Said:

Where can I find a job in NYC with an age of 15?

We Answered:

Really no where. Sorry. Just wait till your 16.
I do know that the city offers working programs to kids your age tho, because i did it. My was called GRYC. But it was a summer program. They also have stuff after school, but you only get payed 100 every two weeks, that why im not doing it. But its only 2 hours a day. Look into it if its near you.
But if you want to work at a clothing store, or whatever, i dont think you have a chance. i never seen someone under 17 work in one

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