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Nyu Summer Programs For High School Students

Terry Said:

What are the different programs NYU has over the summer for high school students? Where do they house you?

We Answered:

summer hs apps were due in feb, decisions were announced april. but if your looking for summer of 2011, look @

Kent Said:

Any testimonials/ experience with NYU Summer High School Musical Theater?

We Answered:

I haven't experienced it.
Google forums for feedback.
All the best :)

Dean Said:

Do I have a chance at getting accepted to NYU?!? PLEASE HELP!?

We Answered:

You have lots of awesome extracurriculars.

But your grades aren't so over-the-top. They're a bit average, so you need to do better this year. Also, write a good essay for the NYU application. If it's your dream school, you're going to need passion for the whole thing. And the high school summer program could help, but it doesn't guarantee you getting in. But otherwise, keep up the activities and work. Try hard, hard, harder every time! I understand you had a family issue as a tenth grader and I am sorry for your sister. How is she? (Random, I know...)

Maurice Said:

My chances of getting into NYU? 10 points to best answer?

We Answered:

Your SAT scores are just below the 50th percentile range, more near the 25th percentile range for NYU. You have solid extracurriculars and it seems like you care much about NYU through the program you participated in. Your 3.6 GPA is solid unweighted and with AP's that looks even better. My uncle is an admissions counselor, not for NYU though, but I know the ins and outs of the application process. I would say reasonably, your chances sit at around 50%, with your SAT's being weak yet having strong areas in other facets of life. If you bump your SAT's above their 50 percentile range, I would move your chance of acceptance up to around 75% maybe 80%. Best of luck! We are all nervous for decisions to come out.

Carlos Said:

Do you recommend that I apply early to NYU?

We Answered:

I have friends who go to Cornell and friends who go to NYU, and in general, the ones who are at NYU are happier. Cornell has one of the highest suicide rates--the weather is really horrible, which can lead to Seasonal Depression, and the classes are very, very hard. Yes, it is an Ivy, but these days, "little Ivies" get more respect in the workplace. Only 10% of the CEOs of the top 500 Fortune companies went to Ivies. So it's really best not to let the fact that the school is an Ivy sway your decision.
You've been to NYU. You've experienced it. You know what it's like. You know the area. It seems like it's your favorite school. I think ED would be a great idea. You can apply to Cornell etc. and then withdraw your application if you get in to NYU.
Good luck! I hope you're happy wherever you go.

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